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I manage now after 1 hour and half read at forum because I was doing wrong to have keyboard input and to can write the name of newspaper and the name of player at screen of campaign. Now must learn how save such values and keep them for the game and also keep them after game close as saved file. I have used module for change and keep values when running but never done a save file before. But I m not worry I m sure I will find answers at forum. Thanks I put a photo you to see



Hello dear defolders I pass from campaign menu the values in level of 80s campaign. If you see in photo has a change with sign which says the value you write as your newspaper. After does not change but maybe can give this possibility to player. I want to do it also as saved file. But I am on learning process as this is my first real project and now I try learn things so development goes a bit slow.

I put photos for you to see

campaign screen

game screen see up right at sign that pass the value

For the 2d I use Krita which is free software… Thanks all for hearing me



Hello dear defolders with help of forum and by asking also britzl I manage to do a first save of game and load. Actually one save that keeps only the saves (names) and one the save of game. Right now the player saves as: save 1 , save 2 … save 5 but I want to change it he to write the name and maybe put also time and date of save to seem.

here photo you to see

menu in game

save menu in game




Hello dear defolders, can you please tell me if this simple way of writing the save, like save 1 or save 2 is very simple and not nice, and would be better make a way user to write and gives info of time and date? Because even simple save 1 I kinda like and game will be 5 saves not more need I think. One other matter I have to solve is with render camera which in smaller windows of 1920x 1080 makes problems to game. With render width and render height fix a bit but still don’t know how make render better in window mode. Thanks I hope you reply to me with ideas. Thanks again



I don’t think you need to let the player name the saves if the save names give enough info about the game. Time and date is good, but perhaps also some additional info about the game so that the player knows which game the save is for.

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Like the name of campaign he plays? or like name of newpaper and date of turn he is playing? Ok thanks britzl for your opinion I will think about to see what I can put. Thanks
Off course if someone other wants to say about I will love to hear about. Is my first real project and I like your info. Thanks



Yep, something like that!

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Ok thanks britzl you are very helpful I think all in this forum can agree about that. Thanks



Hello dear defolders, after also britzl proposition about the save, I put the player who is owner and manager of the newspaper, and the save takes the name that player gives at campaign menu at profile, also stores the date and time so the save game looks like the photo down.

thanks. I hope you put more comments and thoughts. I want now to make more the logic in turns of a week writing the events in newspaper and publish the first newspaper.
Thanks for hearing me



Hello dear defolders, after much search because at start could not understand what happen I manage to put the gooey scroll like I wanted for a test of saw the employees. I thought sth I was doing bad at script and didnt saw. After I saw sth happening with layers. After much search I found that clipping of stencil does not work with the many layers like I had in menu of personnel, where put down in other layers the rest of menu and brings up which you press. When I had clipping I didnot saw anything. So I done a second gui with the scroll where had clip stencil which I put render order 1 and I put to show with when press personnel at other gui which I put render order 0 . So after 3 days I manage to see the result I wanted. I put you a photo to see :smile:

menu personnel of manager

I hope you have some comments for me. Thanks for hearing me. Be well all



The game is evolving quite nicely! Week done!

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Thanks britzl for the support!!! be well



This is a cool idea and I can’t think of many sim-style games that have this subject matter! I especially like your idea of having a few different decades to play in.

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Thanks ced a lot, I like to hear that you like my idea, my idea first is to make the 80s and then slowly slowly to add the other too, because as I am alone on creation is difficult, also for the events will be time consuming because probably I will add one by one as I dont know other way. Also when a second campaign is done or all I will add sandbox to play them all together. Thanks



Hello dear defolders I was trying these days to make the schedule menu of manager, that player can set the schedule to employees from 8.00-16.00 or 16.00-24.00 and 24.00-8.00 . So the game will have the first employees already set to a schedule, which the player can change as he see fit until hire more employees. Off course this menu I would not finish if I did not have the help of forum and especialy of good defolder @Denis_Makhortov who help yesterday and today and I thank him very much, he gave the solution to my problem. Thanks for all. I will put you two photo see the schedule which is also changed even with scroll to down.

thanks a lot I hope listen your comments.



Hello dear defolders after 4 days that I was trying with defsave save all the data of schedule menu, after help of @Denis_Makhortov that help with defsave at start, and @britzl at forum by answering questions when couldnt do it, And after @britzl great advice at 5th day to use and sys.load I manage to do the save and load of schedule menu. Something I wanted when player will load game and continue play. Sth I wanted to learn to use bec I need for other things too like number of turn (day,week,year), and events.
So I put two photo to see difference of load and not load.

thanks for hearing me!!! I wish you the best with your projects and I will love to hear comments. thanks



Hello dear defolders, these days I check things with menus to work ok the save system that is made until now and passing normal inside game after load. Menu are two of load one before game start at main menu and one load inside game which as solution because the collection is already on I pass right now only the data of saves to the certain table of schedule and variables. Also I try do more assets, and in this i ask also a help of an artist, I hope soon have some results to saw you as the character I made


I think is not the best, but for first testing things done its purposes but I want pass in a next phase.
Also I have ask many things to @pawel.jarosz21 when I had questions about defold this week, I hope he not get mad if I ask more. :smile:
Also I try do the logic of events but I have delay as the Jam starts too. And I want take place with a smaller simple game at least not a strategy. More an action one with ancient greece.

When I will have the creation of new assets and some other changements in animations. I will put new photos. Thanks for hearing and I ll wait your comments



Kalispera sas dear defolders, except that we have the Jam and I am trying give a small game Pegasus there too, I also put the new animations of news sim I have the woman reporter and I have also a second character a man, I pass the animations already, which are side walk, up walk, down walk, and I have also they to sit and typing. Also I have new office desks and other objects like chairs :smile: which today you will see again only desks, also I have pc, laptop and the 80s typewriter as a start, is a family business not someone who has money so if they want pc must upgrade and pay off course.

again objects I didnt put yet, also I pass only the animations. And right now I am finishing the script of man.

I hope you will like the chars who from godzilla I made them ants :smile: as the building is small :smile:

thanks I wait your comments , be well !!!
also @benjames171 your game at Jam rocks!!! unfortunately I done an F ! :smile:



A quick update with the chairs and man to sit , also is in animation of typing , and not forget the cabinet
Thanks I will like to see your comments