Need help, cannot synchronize project with defold server anymore (SOLVED)


I’ve been using defold for a few years. Synchronize projects used to work fine for me, it used to show authorization window in browser, where I selected my google acc (oauth2, I believe).
Now, it shows

Clicking on personal access token does nothing.
My best guess is it is related to the change of antivirus software. Does anyone here use Kaspersky Internet Security?
Or probably there is some other explanation?



The Defold team updated the editor and removed the integrations with the Defold dashboard. With the Git integration in the editor, you can however still see file changes.



As Amel writes we have removed the dashboard and all projects. This was preceded by multiple communications in several channels (forum, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, slack).

The Git integration is now generic and works with any Git service that allows you to generate a personal access token.



Thank you for your explanations, guys! I’m sorry, I missed the thing with defold dashboard become obsolete.



As long as you have local clones of your projects you’ll be able to migrate them to GitHub or Bitbucket.

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