#MadeWithDefold - the released games list


Our first Defold game Pet Petters https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.seepiagames.petpetters on Google Play. Now available globally as beta.

Game is idle game with Pet theme.

Edited: New address for the game.


Love it! Are you planning an iPhone release?


Yes. We are just testing first with Android, because process of getting new versions for players is faster with it. Love their alpha, beta and production lines.


Congrats to a nice looking game! (Personally for some weird reason love these idle tapping games ) Using any backend for this game? Any BaaS or in house? Curious


Thanks @AJirenius

Not yet. First we will check if there is enough interest for the game on the markets. When there is, we will add backend and most probably use our own.


My first Defold game;
Bitchin’ Stitchin’

HTML5 and Android.


Thanks for linking, Axel! We hope to finish this game some day… it’s currently very much a beta. Not very pleasant in the browser compared to with gamepads and a couple of friends. In the future it will have modular bosses and online multiplayer support, and polished everything of course - dreaming on… :slight_smile: In contrast, we are now working on a more constructive game with blue sky and upbeat feeling. Hope to bring some joy with it… in ten years when it’s finished, hehe!


Cool! At first it was really hard and I felt stupid, but after getting the logic (had to look at the help) it was fun and quite relaxing! :slight_smile: Think I’ll come back to it.


Rogue’s Redemption has been released for Android on the Google Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onesevenone.roguesredemption


Congrats on the release Ben!




Pie Squares is now out on both Android and iOS: https://codecloak.itch.io/pie-squares


Awesome!! Bought it, played it, realized I suck. :smiley:


Harrier Command now available on Android

I had to rename the game at the last minute as the name “Harrier Attack” fell foul of Google’s ‘impersonation’ rule.


Scrivere con le sillabe

A very simple “learn to write” game for kids. (Italian language only)


Simple game for improving your memory and attention!


Towerball - a game of skill and timing


Rebound has been released on itch.io for Windows, OSX and Linux


Deflector is out now on Google Play for Android devices


Please remove my “Scrivere con le sillabe” from the list. I have rewritten it (and republished it) with a different game engine.