#MadeWithDefold - the released games list


Interesting! What was your experience like rewriting using a new engine? Would you mind sharing a comparison if your experience?


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Simple arcade about collect and delivery dishes


An endless arcade runner on a tropical beach.


Space Mine Escape is listed twice. Just a heads up :slight_smile:


Sludge Splash Blobs has been released on Google Play Early Access today.

Fun with your friends. Two-player game.


Cool. Link does not work though.


Hmm… Can it be replication issue, because it is working for me?


@Seepia I get the same error as sicher—and I can’t find the game on your App store page either.


Thanks guys. There was one mistake on play store console. Testing method was not chosen and play store did not warn about that at all. Now the problem should be fixed at least after replication happens. :slight_smile:


Yes, it works fine now!


Now that we have https://www.defold.com/community/games/, I’d inspire everyone to upload their HTML5 builds there. It is kind of a nice showcase.


Another game in the “Pi and the Power Balls”-series. This time about materials.

Google Play:



Slankys Big Climb: it is a wacky, vibrant, vertical endless runner that is super easy to play. All you need is 1 finger, tap to change directions, and climb as high as you can!




Stars Ascend has been released on Google Play Early Access.

My record currently 37 and my wife 44 :frowning:


Nice! But dang, it’s pretty hard!


gratz with the release! Did some SMM. Please keep us updated on how it goes with the game.


This thread should be updated! :slight_smile: :defold:


we cannot count anymore :wink: The number does not fit into double.