#MadeWithDefold Jam


Oh! Even I didn’t score that much while developing the game :sweat_smile:

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@Sefan is it possible to build a game for macos? I would love to play it.



@Strash in html5 you manage play pegasus? thanks and did you like it?

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Yes, I took everyone home :grinning:



Not such a big story but I finished my first entry with Defold. Woohoo! :hugs:



Your interface is realy nice. I only had the game open for a few seconds while working – will check it out in detail on sunday with the rest – but it looks slick.

Congrats to everyone who submitted something! I’m excited to give them all a goo.

Also, i WILL upload my game to github at some point soon. I don’t have an account yet (or maybe I made one i while ago…), so i haven’t looked into that aspect yet. I don’t think anything in my code will be helpful to anyone. There are zero comments (except big old sections of code commented out…) and i changed ideas about 6 times while making the game, leaving a ton of irrelevant stuff in (the Blood Golems are called “Zombie” in a lot of places, “Golem” in others, for example…). But Yeah. If anyone has any questions about it feel free to post/dm.



I have never been involved in a game jam before, so I’m not sure what the requirements are in the voting phase. Do I have to play every game submitted in order for my submission to count towards anything? I enjoy playing through them, but I don’t think I have time to hit every one.

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If the rules don’t give requirements then you are not required to do anything you don’t want to. The only constraint on voting on itch game jams is that only participants in the jam are allowed vote on the games of other participants (maybe that’s just a setting, I’ve never created an itch jam only participated and that’s usually how it is set to).



yeah as I can see you took all. :smile:

the vote what is the normal process and how much time we vote?



@Strash html5 build is now up for my game on itch. No changes to the code, only needed to figure out how to upload a html5 file :grinning:



The voting period is one week, you can see the countdown on the jam page. Don’t sweat it on the ratings. A) it’s for fun, not a cutthroat competition, B) Ben James is going to win almost certainly =D



Voting is simple - if you submitted a game/asset, you can rate each of other submitted projects in one, generic category (called Awesomeness, but it regards the overall note for the game/asset :wink:). Voting ends in 7.5 day :slight_smile:



does vote is anonymous ? like presidential vote of democracy? or is seems who vote what under the pressure of an axe :upside_down_face:? thanks



Yeah. My game has three ratings and I don’t see from who or what the rating is. At least not right now.



1⃣9⃣ Awesome entries! Almost 100 ratings already! Thank you very much for participating! :heart: Take your time to make your ratings and we will resolve it next week :wink:



if has 19 entries so the max rate will be 19 x 18 = 342 so if we have 100 then has allready vote 1/3 or sth
6 persons . :smile: where are the others !!! :smile:

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Others sleep after the last day of development :slight_smile:

There’s still a week to go, so I think I’ll go through the entries tomorrow.



Totally forgot about posting the project.

itch page has been updated with a link, and here it is:

I don’t know jack about software licenses, so if you are the creator of Defos, Defluid, or Rendercam, please let me know if I need to change something or attribute it differently. I’ve added links in the git readme to those 3 repos as well as directly to their license files.

I’ve also removed all audio files from the project, and re-linked the sound objects to an empty wav file so the project will still build. The audio is unfortunately not freely-available (except to me, as it is mine).



we have 193 votes an average of 11 person, so almost 2/3 of voting, so left 3 days for vote the rest 1/3 of us. Imagine to be eurovision and have to vote through dialing :smile:



2 days to end the jam!

Submitters, if you still didn’t find a time to check the games and assets, please do it, there is only 18 entries to check out and most of them have online playable versions and all of them are really short and fun, so you can check it anytime :wink:

P.S. I will be at the wedding of my wife’s sister on Saturday, so I might be able to check the results only later and then I will prepare prizes and contact with each of you! :smiley: