#MadeWithDefold Jam



I’m willing to make a Defold Jam!


And here it is:


Rules are very simple:

  1. ​Submit any game/asset/extension at any stage of development made with Defold.
  2. To win prizes you need to show us your source code!
  3. You can also share your stuff on social media with #MadeWithDefold or #MadeWithDefoldJam :wink:

Anyone can participate, you can work alone or in teams, you can use any assets you have a legal right to use and you can even use your source code, you made up to this point :wink:

The submitters and contributors can vote on each project (on itch.io) and from those who shared the source code there will be a prize according to the rank.

There will be 2 pools of games for each category:

  • Game
  • Asset

and the winner in a given category chooses one title from all of them, 2nd chooses from the rest and the 3rd chooses from the rest after 2nd.

I have some game keys on Humble Store that I wish to put in those pools. However, if you have any games that would like to put in one of those pools, please DM me - I mean, for example, if you released a game made with :defold: and have a key that you can give to the winners - it would be great! :heart: Also, Defold team! - If you have any ideas for gifts, tell us as well! :wink:

Are you up to the challenge? :smiley:

(I made below polls multiple choice, but please try to decide on as few options as possible :wink: )
When would be the best for you to start?

  • 11.07.2020 (Sat)
  • 13.07.2020 (Mon)
  • 18.07.2020 (Sat)
  • 20.07.2020 (Mon)
  • Later

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How long do you wish the jam to be?

  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • Three weeks
  • Longer

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Want to join a group project

Ah, wonderful! I don’t want commit to taking part just yet, but I might. Is there going to be a theme?



It would be great if you could! :slight_smile: I was thinking about a theme, although even if I come up with something, it will be only as a proposition, something totally optional, something to help you, if you don’t have any idea :wink: nevertheless you can start working on the submission even now :wink:

I will end the voting tommorow and according to results I will suite everything and share a Jam page with you, there will be more details! :wink:



Oh yes! We will send Defold swag to the winners and runner-ups!

And everyone will get a forum badge for participating of course!



This is awesome! Thank you Björn! :heart:



I’ve just started prototyping a platformer as a tie-in to my upcoming (very much amateur) theatre play. I might pick one of the gameplay elements I’m planning for that and use that as my jam entry. Even if I don’t make the deadline, it’d be somethig I could use.

Then again, I’m sure that when I see the theme, I’ll come up with an altogether different concept.



Ok, polls are closed, date is chosen, Jam page is up and running! :tada::sparkles:

Please, check out the rules and everything - if there is something you spot, that might be a problem or you have any suggestions - tell me :wink:

I made it a two week long jam, because the result of that poll was pretty close to the one week option and I think if someone needs two weeks it will be better :wink:

Also I decided to separate only two categories:

  • Games
  • Assets

And the second one includes everything that is regarding Defold, but is not a game - tools, libraries, Native Extensions and Editor Scripts :hammer_and_wrench:

And of course I invite you to join it! :heart:



Not commiting to anything, but maybe it’s time for that MIDI native extension.



Keeping my fingers crossed :wink:



The top two links in the ‘inspirations’ list at the bottom of the jam page are linked incorrectly.

Hoping to submit a game!



Thank you so much Ben! Corrected! :wink:



I have an idea for Native Extension, I’m in!



That’s great Alexey! I’m Looking forward for this! :smiley:



Nice! I will try to make a little game. Not sure about sharing code, though, as it will be embarrassingly sloppy :rofl:



Great @ryanscottlandry! Nevermind the code, jam game don’t need to be perfectly written, it need to be fun! :wink: Nothing to be embarrassed! :blush:



Don’t worry about it. That’s how you learn. Also, you know, nobody really writes 100% clean code (and a lot of times it’s not even worth it if you know you won’t maintain that piece of code), so why worry about it?

If it makes you more relaxed about it, know that I have stupider stuff on my GitHub.

For example, a few weeks ago I decided to design some furniture and it’s on my GitHub :laughing: : https://github.com/dapetcu21/scad-experiments

There’s also this thing: https://github.com/dapetcu21/shaorma

And this thing (jeg means filth in Romanian): https://github.com/dapetcu21/jeg

And some other stuff I won’t link to, though it’s public. :laughing:



Hahaha, I see nothing wrong with any of this jeg :laughing:

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Since @dapetcu21 shared, I will also share my favourite piece here. While working on a hex grid and pathfinding system (seen here)

I was constantly getting errors trying to index nil, through my “check neighbouring tiles” function, which blasted through 3 nested tables. If a tile didn’t exist (edge of map, mainly), it would try to index nil, and the whole thing would freeze up. See my solution here:




Haha. It may not be optimal, but it works, and that’s the most important thing. :slight_smile:

Btw, I had to do a similar thing in a recent prototype. Here’s how I solved it:

local empty = {}
function M.get_map_cell(map, x, y, z)
  return ((map.layers[z] or empty)[x] or empty)[y]



@pawel.jarosz21 I have a question. Is it okay to submit a game I will create for another game jam (My first game jam - literally my first game jam :slight_smile: )?
I decided to make a game with Godot for MFGJ because I want to know all differences between Defold and other engines. So my plan is to make a game in Godot and then port it to Defold for Made with Defold jam. Can I?