#MadeWithDefold Jam

I really like the look-and-feel of this!
I think it’s going to be a great example for others to look at!


Ah, good find! That needs fixing. Impossible to get out of there. Thanks

EDIT: fixed!


I have to say I love digging through your code. Always something new to learn. Thanks for posting it!


Keep working)) Make some small changes=)
1)Different types of cells(dirt and stones)
2)Getting gold for digging
3)Add power and speed parameters to hero. This params will be upgraded for gold later


Kalimera sas dear defolders has to present the minotauros and aphroditi , also now they talk saying where they want to go. thanks


Now the Narrator is in business :slight_smile:


Hey all, it’s my first time making a Defold game and using Lua, but I managed to make this little clicker game! It was really fun to make and Defold was surprisingly easy to get into :grin: Big thanks to @Apetzu for getting me started and helping whenever I needed!

Play Void Tapper here: https://veeranuo.itch.io/void-tapper
Source Code: https://github.com/extremeveera/void-tapper


@benjames171 I played your game several times already and it keeps entertaining me! Wish there could be more secrets to find out and some challenges! :wink:

@d954mas played your game as well, really neat! I don’t know if it is intended for it to fall very slow (low gravity?)?

@Elpidoforos_Gkikas in which language will they say where to go? :smiley:

@astrochili I really like that kind of games, looking forward for this! :wink:

@extremeveera also played your game till the end, you did a good job :smiley: Welcome to our community!

I played also Furry Burst (by @digitaldeus - is it yours? :sweat_smile:), like the mechanics where you actually move a grabbed animal :smiley:

Today there was also a try to submit a game that was just a copy of Ben’s Tilt’n’turn, without a single change, not even a change in the description on the page :confused: not cool


What in which language they talk? greek off course !!! is very easy player knows where is as the sign writes the same. So do not worry if you go to mars!!! I mean the god on mountain Olympus not the planet. Also Zeus is on mountain Olympus throwing thunders. Thanks

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Thx) No it slow in chrome)) About 15fps :upside_down_face:
I forget to add “–verify-graphics-calls=false”

Fixed it)


@Elpidoforos_Gkikas aa, ok, I thought you recorded the name in greek and we need to know greek and also read greek letters :smiley: if it’s written, it’s ok :wink:

@d954mas great! :wink:


greek letters is like english , as the latin alphabet comes from ancient greek so I think noone will have a problem read, off course I use latin greek in code too at names but I hope someone can understand sth, do not forget I am greek, so if you want a recipe for a greek food tell as I am a cook too :smile:. thanks

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I played also Furry Burst (by @digitaldeus - is it yours? :sweat_smile:), like the mechanics where you actually move a grabbed animal :smiley:

Hah yea it’s me! I wanted to see if I could replicate the “Pokemon Cafe” mechanics as a way to learn defold and turned out to be pretty easy to do using joints. Looking forward to experimenting more!


99% sure I will actually submit my game this time!

I started without any clear idea of what i wanted to do, just opened up a new project and started doing “something.” Then halfway through i remembered “Defluid,” which solidified (liquified?) my game concept for me. It’s being used in an almost purely thematic way, the “fluid” itself is not mechanically integral to the game, it is being used to visually jazz-up a mechanic I had been thinking about previously, but having it there and working visually has helped to make other mechanical decisions. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and nearly in a playable state. Working out some bugs, adding some fluff and programmer-art, and should be good to roll out at the deadline!

As a related aside, i think it could be cool in future to do a defold+extension themed jam, where each participant is randomly assigned an extension or some other defold-specific asset from a predetermined pool, with the idea of building something that heavily focuses on the specific extension. Gets you thinking outside the box, i think, and helps to showcase community contributions. I’d participate in that jam.


Hi all…

I’ve submitted my game for this jam. The project source code is also available for download, but it is really messy as I was experimenting stuff here and there (and I am a messy coder too :smile: )

Play the game here: https://harnarinder.itch.io/drift-dodge-drive-3d-drive

I set out wanting to explore the 3D part of Defold, and I learnt quite a bit along the way.

So I made a “2+1 in 1” game with regards to driving. 2 games and 1 simulation for moving over terrain.

Game 1 is something you would see in a hypercasual type game. Endless runner, and avoid the obstacles type game. The boxes being thrown are using real physics with random forces applied to them. So their movement is really unpredictable.


Game 2 is a little drifting game. This game uses an invisible sphere as the physics mechanism and forces are added to it based on the direction of the car. This was something I learnt from how Kenney (https://kenney.nl/) did it.


Game 3 is a free driving simulation. The interesting part is how raycast was used to get the terrain below’s rotation and applying it to the car. The car moves the same way as Game 2, but this time it also tilts and follows the ground below.


Overall though, it was just as fun doing 3D in Defold as it is doing 2D. It was a struggle getting used to it at the start, but over time I got more used to it.

Really looking forward to where Defold grows in future for 3D.


So great that you presented all of your experiments! Each of them is a nice achievement! Congratulations! :wink:

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Thank you Pawel! I set out to learn some 3D stuff, and honestly I did learn a bit, both in Defold and Blender (and I now know what a “normal” is!!). So I thought I’d just share whatever I’ve learnt.

BTW, great job organising the jam. I think this jam has a very cheerful feeling to it, with great participation from other Defold devs. Great work all!


I also decided to participate.
A game about shooting in space. The player moves by recoil from shooting. Bullets, when hit, push the opponent. The goal is to throw your opponent off the screen.

Game for two players. You can only play with the keyboard.
Game page: https://denis-makhortov.itch.io/space-gunfight
GitHub: https://github.com/JAlHund/Space-Gunfight


Very funny game with hard to control characters, @Denis_Makhortov :smiley:


Kalispera sas dear defolders I done the entry of my small game pegasus

but do not know how make the git source also how put a license of not selling permissions?

If you can explain what I press in Git will be good