#MadeWithDefold Jam

Great guys!

I’m polishing position selection: you can type and enable each of x,y,z value separately or click on a view area to select a desired position - on click the actual coords of mouse will be copied to the center panel in the properties pane. With Preview button you can play an animation based on currently set up properties, but it is not saved anywhere, unless you explicitly choose to add this animation as an event starting at a timestamp chosen either on a timeline or typed in the Current [s]: input :wink:

Question: how can we type negative values (using Gooey input) and read a string with “-” properly as a negative number?


I want to share my progression with you. The video is lagging a bit because my laptop can’t handle recording from screen and running the game at the same time. Sorry for this :worried:


I’m curious what you did with the keys mechanics, @Strash! :thinking:

So many great projects are ongoing now, checkout #MadeWithDefoldJam on Twitter! :100:

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My snake doesn’t increase in size, but change the level of the key. To change the level you need to eat the ball on the side of the key. The overall level changes the level of the head and a movement speed depends on it.

So, to get a maximum level you have to eat the required number of balls on each side and then the fun will start. But I haven’t implemented this yet :grinning:

So many really nice projects here. I’m surprised how quickly people are able to make things from scratch. I will submit my asset soon! It sure has been useful to me so far. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some basic cutscenes can now be directed in DEFILM! :smiley:


where is the link, thanks

ok I found it thanks again

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Kalimera sas dear defolders, a small video from menu , now some levels to do and sofoklis to talk, also is possible add music in game, if the lisence is from other and give it by give credit to him is ok? thanks


It depends on the license. Sometimes it is enough to give credit.

hi @britzl It was written to give credit and mention the site, my problem is that the file was mp3 and I convert it to ogg, was a file of @filmproferic , who I try to communicate in a message by asking permission but didnot received an answer, even if is to buy the mp3, and to give the credit too, also I ask because the Jam says assets to be yours , is this a rule? or not? thanks

On the jam page it says " you need to have a legal right for it". And yeah, it is pretty common to note it :wink: We aren’t lawyers here, we are devs, but if it is stated on the site, where you buy/download an asset that you can use it for free, then there is no problem. Many of those licences allows also to suit the asset to your needs.

And as he wrote:

And on the page there, there is a strict description of rules, so imho feel free to use it and give a proper credit. Changing the format isn’t a change you’d be sued for, you’re not changing the content :smiley: The creator wants recognition, so be sure you just do it.


Erm, wait, there is a note about ogg files on some songs on the site, so read them carefully


about ogg files says about another site where I couldnt find it as there is no link and in google I searched couldnt find it, also in a message I ask if I need to buy sth , then to buy it , one file is , but still didnt have any answer. I hope I could use this file ogg as for the credit off course I done it. I will try contact him again. thanks

Ok cheers I manage to contact him with mail and ogg I took for a small price if you think how nice is his music is nothing for help an artist, thanks


Added a tracker pickup to my game, ‘Rock Hopper’. I’ve really enjoyed working on it but must admit it’s pretty much finished. I risk spoiling it by adding more unnecessary stuff.


Here is my game Rock Hopper - https://benjames171.itch.io/rock-hopper

Source code - https://github.com/benjames-171/rock-hopper

Have fun!


The game is really fun Ben. Keeps you playing just to find out how to get to the next section and what’s waiting there. Really loved it!


I’m working on a mobile interactive fiction game with card swiping gestures. Just finished the choice selection.


Fantastic game, great job!


I love it!
However, I seem to have got stuck in a small hidden cave here, and I couldn’t get out?