Made with Defold splash screens (Poll included!)


We pride ourselves on the fact that Defold is completely free to use, without any licensing fees or other requirements such as forcing users to have a Made with Defold splash screen when the app starts. We have no plans to change any of this, but maybe some of you wouldn’t mind showing a Made with Defold splash or a little Defold logo somewhere?

I’ve started prepping a repo with the Defold logo in various sizes, colors and styles and I would now like to get some input from you guys. My thinking is that there’s little point in providing ready made collections with the logos and possibly also some transitions. I guess most developers just want the PNGs and would like to take care of the rest themselves? Let me know your thoughts in the poll below:

  • High res logos only! I’ll do all of the work myself.
  • High res and scaled logos. I’ll add them to the game myself.
  • High res and scaled logos and ready made collections. I want a drop in solution that handles everything for me.

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I appreciate it being optional.

For FSH, this screen shows up every time a user launches the game

From these existing assets

Including something like this in the starter templates would be useful for new users for sure. That is the image assets themselves. The github project you made is probably enough, just needs to be linked from the starter project readme?

An easy solution for this situation needs to happen for new users too Open source component license terms? ideally a .txt file in the starter projects which lists all used licenses on after another with spacers between then let end users decide how to include them.



I want it to be included in an empty project at the beginning as a drop in solution, but I want it also to be modifiable or being able to remove it and create my own logo splash screen with Defold logo :wink:

And yeah, there should be an official repo with all types and sizes of logos, for now I use the linked post by @Axel too :wink:



Do you have maybe higher resolution for logos? I wanted to use it in a presentation/video I’m making, but it’s blurry, because I rescaled it a little bit (and I want it to be even bigger actually) (logo-hor-classic-bright-320.png):



In the repo, the ones without a number after them are high-res.

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Thanks! That is way better :smiley:

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