Look Your Loot aka Hamster


But why? o_O


I’m not sure why. Strict reason did not provided. Just “it violates the impersonation policy.” Just filled the form to explain why I think “suspension have been in error” and waiting to response.


I’ve never heard of this before but after Googling a bit it seems like this could happen if the app title is too similar to an already published game. What was the exact text you were presented with?


title: "Look, Your Loot!"
I tried to search some similar title or icons what I used but can’t found.


Possibly automated due to not long enough, not unique enough nouns? Try to get into contact with Google Play to get them to manually approve it?


Just wanted to remind you to generate your own cert and key when bundling for Android: https://www.defold.com/manuals/android/#_creating_certificates_and_keys

Defold generates random cert+key when bundling without setting these explicitly otherwise, which means if you upload such bundle to Google Play you will not be able to publish updates!


Too many people are falling for this trap. I think this should be the default option when bundling release and not already using a certificate. A pop up about this and some fields to fill out so it’s generated right there on the spot and then exported in the folder with the apk.


I used my own cert+key


Well, got a reply from the Google Team. My app has unclear affiliation with https://www.defold.com/community/projects/71565/
Cool! Right?


Whaaa? Ha, seriously?! Does it seem like they’re willing to clear it up and let the app through or?


Look, Your Loot! has been reinstated. Hurrah!
Also got an advice from the Google Team:

In the future, if you have proof of permission you can submit it to our team proactively using this form: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6320428.
The link can also be found on your Store Listing page underneath the box for Full Description.


Yay, congrats!


Gratz @Dragosha


Alpha version, please drop a line if you found any bugs:

Next steps:

  • make the tutorial
  • switch the version to beta


OMG! OMG! OMG! * installing *




A few things for android:

  1. There seems to be no way to exit the app
  2. In Settings-Screens there is (still) the drawcalls etc infos topleft.


hmm…, is it realy necessary button? I’m using native buttons on phone to exit from the app usually.

still for testing purpose while it’s beta )


I expect that the virtual or physical back button on an Android phone would exit the game (with or without a prompt) if on the main menu.


If you press the Back to menu in the booster store and return again, the order of the free items changes in order(Antipoison -> Bunch of keys -> Magic Ring -> Wings -> Antipoison). So if you repeat this four times, you can get the Wings surely.