Look Your Loot aka Hamster


ah. Ok, I’ll add msg.post("@system:", "exit", {code = 0}) to KEY_BACK message.

It’s feature ) Ok, will fix it.


hmm, working on adding support from KEY_BACK and got interesting bug with @britzl “simple_input.lua” module

function on_input(self, action_id, action)
		si.on_input(action_id, action,self)
		if action_id==game.BACK and action.released then
				print("Exit from settings")

this module has react to KEY_BACK and call first registered callback. If I have not myself code for BACK in on_input function them I got uninspected “tap” on first registered button in module. It looks like gui.pick_node(node, action.x, action.y in function M.on_input(action_id, action,self) (simple_input.lua) is ignoring. @britzl Any ideas why?

fix it by add tap checking to

function M.on_input(action_id, action,self)
	if action_id~= M.TOUCH then return end



  • The Tutorial
  • Key Back support on Android
  • Removed debug info in settings
  • Fixed order of the free items changes (trick with “Back to menu” in settings)


Wow, someone was able to reach “Fail to picklock 10 chests in one game” achievement!

Average turns in one game: 145
Average result by class:

p.s. last month statistic


Interesting—so the Paladin is now the character which seems to render most points?


“Fail to picklock 10 chests in one game” is very hard. Because I did not eat the key and it was hard to destroy it with a fireball.


Paladin is easier in playing on game before x10, but after that the Mage is most powerful character, I guess.


created group on FB for the game

Just for fun



  • Social sharing. The game needs for button “Share result in FB” with result and link to the game in store. It’ll be cool if the post shows the picture with result, but not sure how it make in Defold. Also Twitter. Now we have no extension for sharing post in Twitter with the picture.
  • Login with FB. For nickname in leaderboards and saving player progress over user’s devices. Also it will be better make user authentication over next point:
  • Google Play Service. For this point I wait extension for this SDK. It required for featuring in Google Store. SDK integration is one of main things what Defold is lacking.
  • Replace mini game “picklocking” to other mini game. Some users found it too bit annoying. I agree, it’s too much arcade for cards game. Picklocking mechanic I’ll use in new small game.
  • Rebalancing ability cards as chest reward. May be moving negative cards to the new minigame or something.
  • New board card and mode: door to treasury room. Little minigame.
  • New hero - rogue. Ability: chain attack.
  • 4x4 mode? May be in sequel.
  • Enemy cards animation, not priority task.
  • Sounds polish. Background ambient sounds in game mode.
  • Translation to other languages.
  • GUI polishing
    About main progression in game. I’ve no ideas about narrative, levels, maps, etc. It’s too hard to make it funny in small game.



I’m thinking either that you could use my sharing extension as it is or perhaps with some modification. Maybe the API could be modified to look something like:

share.image(image, caption, share.TWITTER)

As for sharing an image then perhaps just grab a screenshot using the screenshot extension?

On my todo list, but I have another thing that is on the top of my list right now I’m afraid.

I’ve been thinking about how Look Your Loot would play on a larger board, perhaps 5x5 with some squares containing walls to simulate the layout of a dungeon. Might be cool or might take away from the simple yet deep gameplay of a 3x3 board.

You could have some kind of story mode where you play in different settings while the story progresses. Let the background, music, sfx and range of monsters you meet convey the theme/setting. The hero ventures into the Lich King’s Tomb and you have an eerie crypt as a background and face undead monsters. The hero ventures into the Goblin Stronghold and you play against Goblins, Orcs and Trolls.


perhaps an easy substitute for a story mode is to change the player class each 3-4 levels?


It would be nice if the story mode boss and the enemy had the skill.


  • Shield
  • Ignore the player’s shield.
  • It is not affected by ranged attacks.
  • Reflects some of the ranged attacks (fireballs, lightening bolts).
  • Debuff that gives damage to the dot for a few turns (debuff is immediately canceled if you eat potions)
  • Each turn changes randomly with another card.

Rewards for the Story Mode may be good if it is a permanently effective artifact.


I like the idea of a story mode, progression, etc. You could probably come up with a lot of fun bosses. Some quick brainstorming:

Every X turns, triggers a bomb which damages nearby players/items/enemies with 3, and takes 1 damage itself. Immune to fireballs?

Every X turns, kills a nearby enemy, but gains the HP itself.

Puffer fish
Every other turn, it expands, revealing spikes which doubles the current HP of the boss (basically a spike trap)

Dark paladin
Every X turns heals nearby players/enemies/items with 1(?)

As long as it doesn’t “kill” the endless gameplay. Two modes – story mode, and classic (endless) mode, maybe?


Good ideas, thanks!

Main problem, what I see - the game has very limited variants how the hero can make the damage to boss/ strong enemies. If paladin can cast lightning quite often, the Mage depends on fireballs too much, and Knight has no repeatitive damage to enemy. How to kill enemy with regeneration ability?


Depends on the encounter I would assume, in the case of the Necromancer that @Axel mentioned, then maybe the strategy would be to prevent him from regenerating too much. By killing of characters beside him, to either make him regenerate just a little or nothing.

Maybe there is an item that spawns when there is a boss up, a throwing knife or similar that always targets the boss regardless where it is.

I am sure you could come up with some cool mechanics!


I think knights are weaker than other characters, and I think I need some buffs.
If Knight has a shield that is lower than the current shield, increase the power of shield by 1.

I think it’s a good idea to give the characters one active skill for story mode.

There is a limit on the number of active skills used in the story mode, and the number of uses increases when you eat certain items.
To use the active skill, tap on the character card and tap on the surrounding card.

  • Knight: Damages the enemy as much as the Knight’s Shield.
  • Mage: Only one enemy uses a fireball.
  • Paladin: Transforms a trap card into a shield.



  • The chest unlocking is easier now
  • If the Knight picks up a shield with strength less than he already has got, the strength of the current shield will increase by 1(Previously coins were added)
  • Some interface improvements
  • The app name is changed. A new icon is introduced (Android)


Nice update!

Do you have any stats on the amount of successful/failed openings?


yep, but it’s a bit incorrect be course “bunch of keys” and card “key” also affect to stats. Need to fix this.

For example:
Total 2 chests: 1,191
open one: 560(47.02%)
open zero: 317(26.62%)
open two: 314(26.36%) (“key” cards on session, average value: 0.84)

One man opened 25 from 25, and we all well known who that was. (spoiler: he used bunch of keys)


coming soon