Look Your Loot aka Hamster


Awesome thanks Axel! Worked perfectly!


I’m using https://obsproject.com/


Thanks for the response Dragosha! I’ll give that a shot as well!


Hero unlock:


UPD to 0.61

  • change texture profile to compression-webp
  • added unlock to heroes
  • added “back to main menu” in settings screen (gear)


Just curious – because some are better than others, or for another reason?


Yep. And the player need to spend accumulated coins. After unlocking the first hero will be available “booster” shop with:

  • antidote
  • pack of keys for chests
  • ring +1HP
  • Remove one card when hamster was cornered.

Booster works only for one game session.

The main goal of the game - final scores. And all these things may help to do this.


Amazing result @Nuribachi !


I kind of liked the idea of having three different, but equally “strong” heroes, enabling you to pick one which better suits your playing style. But seeing how good of a game dev you are, I’m sure the new system will be great too :slight_smile:


Booster shop sketch


I love your work Dragosha! It’s a perfect marriage of Art & Science. Thanks for being inspiring!


Nice, but maybe, you can animate this guy in the back to show what he has under his cloak? :smiley: Like, “Pss… Take a look at this…” Blackmarket entourage :smiley: But that’s hard to make, yes. :slight_smile:

Like that:


A player sent screen with remark “the most dangerous card in the game”:


do not move up!




pretty thinking what someones can play better than man on fifth position in the table :slight_smile:


0.64 is here. Enjoy!
Booster shop.
Watch ad not working in HTML5 version, so one booster per game is free. In mobile it will be rewarded ads.

Also small improvement in gamedesign. Difficulty of the game will grow by little value each 10 turns. It will helps to reduce lenght of game session when Hero runs around Boss by circle.


this game is still great and I’m glad to see it’s been so popular.


Working on text module. Also spellchecking and correcting English texts with professional translator now.

Also added legendary achievement:

Added Russian translation.

If you want to help me to represent your native language in the game please feel free to fill this table:


Ok. Tried to publish alpha version in Google Play store for a first time and… got a ban of app instead approve. :man_facepalming:
Not sure that public game develompent is good idea anymore.