Look Your Loot aka Hamster


UPD 0.57

A key:

And made few achievements.

Also minor bugs fixed. (like a paladin quick clicks on shield after shield)




whats that @Dragosha?


DAU = Daily Active Users.


Daily active users. 637 now. The link was shared by popular Facebook user. So now I have more statistics data.


so, weekly statistic:

Average coins:
Knight 434
Mage 839
Paladin 1310

Seems that paladin most powerful hero for people. But top results getting by Paladin and Mage both.

4,767 plays with 4.15 average replays per game session. Maximum 37(!) replays, who that monster?! :slight_smile:


Awesome, @dragosha – love the fact that you’re open about the analytics! And congrats on the influx of players, well-deserved.

Suggestion which you might already have thought of, but anyway: I think it would add a lot of pizazz with some character/NPC animations within the cards. During attack/taking damage parts for one, but I think some random idle stuff would also really do a lot for the overall atmosphere. Bring Me Cakes does it masterfully, I think, where the squirrel popping out just makes me so damn happy every time :slight_smile:


of course it will be nice , but… 9 enemies, boss, 3 hero * attack,idle,etc = O_O of works :slight_smile:
I think it will be good for app updates after release.


Whoa! What the hell, a lot of new players it seems:



Woah, awesome stats! :smiley:


@Dragosha: You’re line-breaking the names. Maybe show the first 12 characters and then do …


Oh yes. Lot of “noname” :smiley:


Hey dragosha.

  1. Could not change my name (Chrome Browser)
  2. Played the shown coints but… at the leaderboard there is 0 coins?


coins was saved in DataBase:
after that my code requesting board around player with small delay. It should works, BUT… sometimes works like your nickname in the game :man_facepalming:


I have found that I can’t have a name shorter than six letters (which is a shame when your name is Johan)


Seems what name changing was broken today. I can’t change nickname too.
upd: ha! But if new name long than previous name then works fine. :man_facepalming:


UPD:. 0.59
Nickname changing should work now. Enjoy!

Fixed some code and pushed this checkbox at Playfab:


Hi Dragosha! Love the development of the game!

Quick question:
What software do you use to record video screen captures and post on here? I want to do the same thing for my game.


Since you’re a mac user, QuickTime works really well to record video :slight_smile:

If you want to quickly record .gif’s, check out Giphy Capture.