Look Your Loot aka Hamster


This game is great. Are you a one man band? Because if so it just makes this all the more impressive :+1:


yep, I’m solo indie. Music and sounds bought on pound5, premiumbeat and soundsnap.


The balance patch is good. The three jobs have their own characteristics and balance. And now it’s harder to score over 10000 points.


great, I’m glad. Big thanks for testing!


working on




Nice! You haven’t released it yet right?


yes, testing now, will release today a bit later.


It’s kind of a nitpick, but this tangent between the bomb and the card border really sticks out to me. It’s always better to have different objects overlap or be separated, not touch exactly.


All-in-all this looks pretty awesome though! I really like all the little particle effects.


Magic Wand X2


Whats that magig wand x2 for?


The bomb attacks all cards on their horizontal and vertical lines. Neighbor cards attacked with full power, other by half.
10 turns to BOOM

Magic wand multiplies values of neighbor cards by 2.
UPD to 0.55
-magic wand


Very nice.
Found the bomb. Nice feature (the swaping is nice too).

But are some bugs:
The bomb was left-bottom.

  • “1 to explode” was last. Then exploded before I turned?? Not really sure.
    But I moved up.
  • The bomb took all my HP (see on picture), but I survived.
  • The field of the bomb is still empty.
  • Game is stuck o.O


Yup, I got the same issue when I died of a bomb…







UPD. 0.56
Hope I fixed bomb bug.


“hope” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I really know this


Strange bug i’ve found, luke…

What happend…

  • Startet game (html5)
  • Check leaderbord for verifying my Name. Correct (AgentSasori)
  • Played
  • Died
  • End-Screen with “daily records” my 148 Points :smiley: are marked. Name “noname” ??? WTF?
  • checked the leaderboard. Bottom right says Name: “noname”. WTF?
  • I am listed as "noname"e

and now it always says “noname”. I’ve been resetted :sob:

No… the dark side got me! :wink:


The BOMB seems to work perfect now. Didnt hat any issue :slight_smile: