Look Your Loot aka Hamster


not sure that understood , could you please explain a bit more, what is a “key”?

Also after Nuribachi’s record I think about debuff the Mage class. Any ideas? May be he should lost more shield points after attack enemies with lower hp? For example reduce on enemy hp value, not 1.



I quess sicher means a lockpick-set. Once collected it automatic unlocks the lockpick :wink: Kind of Joker for the lockpick :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have class “thief” instead. With two tries with chests or slower movement of lockpick. :slight_smile:


Character ranking

  1. Mage : OP. powerful fireballs. powerful shield. Fireball removes poison card and trap.
  2. Knight : Normal. Weak fireballs. powerful shield. Weak trap. But it’s weak for the boss monster.
  3. Rusty Paladin : Weak. Weak fireballs. weak shield. Powerful Lightning bolts. But Rusty Paladin can not attack poison card with a lightning bolt.

Debuff the shield of the mage.
Add a way for other characters to handle the poison card. Especially Rusty Paladin.


For me the Rusty Paladin feels OP. Cant step into traps, each shield throws lightningbolts. Feels IMBA :slight_smile:
The 1st class Needs a Little polish behind the mage or Paladin. the Knight has nothing Special or?


Yes, exactly. But one pickup only works for one chest.


If there are two shields, the other characters can use two shields. But Rusty Paladin attacks Lightning Bolt with another shield.

So the Rusty Paladin’s Lightning Bolt is unique, but not better than Knight’s Shield.

Mage is OP. Because powerful fireball + powerful shield.


Do you store what character class was used on playfab? If so you can check if mage is really generating better score or if Nuribachi is an outlier. :slight_smile:


How about if an enemy is below a certain strength they leave not money but a charred pile of bones when killed by fire balls? (Or if fire ball is strong?)


Not store in playfab, but I have GA statistic separated by class for few days, and the mage has the best average result:

But a several big results can confusing all statistic :slight_smile:


what is a GA?


Google Analytics


lol. Thanks :slight_smile:


I tried to change nick to sicher-2 but it takes two attempts to change it, the first try was ignored.

Verified by attempting to change nick to sicher-b and then back to sicher-2, each time 2 changes was needed.


Thanks for testing.
In the log all attempts are registered:

May be it was little unsynchronization in DB when name in profile was changed, but the name in leaderboard was in caсhe and did not have time to update.
Seems that I need to add small delay between nickname update and switch to the leaderboard screen.


UPD to 0.52
Fix: nickname changing.
Balance fix:
-Mage. Attack the enemy with HP lower then power of shield reduced enemy HP value from shield’s power instead 1.
-Paladin. Lightning bolt attack neighbor shields with power 1, not full power.
-Paladin. Lightning bolt may attack poison card now.
-Slightly reduced speed of the picklock. And slightly simplified templates.


I love this game, great job!!


Perfect! Now I really enjoyed playing the game. :wink:



New card: Magic ring - gives to hero +1 to max HP (permanent until the game end)


Nice Game! And gorgeous graphics!