Look Your Loot aka Hamster


I think Mathias ment run ’file’ with LookYourLoot as argument.


oops, I’m noob at Mac :slight_smile:

@Mathias_Westerdahl :
LookYourLoot: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures: [arm_v7:Mach-O executable arm_v7] [arm64]
LookYourLoot (for architecture armv7): Mach-O executable arm_v7
LookYourLoot (for architecture arm64): Mach-O 64-bit executable arm64


Ok, good. Yes, having two binaries (armv7+arm64) in one file is what I expected.

Strange though, that the version I got out of my iPhone 7+ only had the armv7 in it, and that it was unstripped.


Very awesome game, congrats !


This game is doing unspeakable things to my productivity… well done!


In an attempt to find the causes of some errors and ANR (Application Not Responded) which sometimes happen on some devices I launch the beta version again. To get this build on your phone and become a beta tester, sign up here:
As a bonus: there is NO ADs in this version.
Build Number: 0.989

p.s. the build without native extensions (Lua module extensions only) and with build-in appmanifest


Ok, first results of test. 9k installs and 2 ANR.

Perhaps, ANR: Broadcast of Intent android.intent.action.SCREEN_OFF depends from VideoADs module.

Waiting for more stats in console.


Hey @Dragosha

First of all, what an amazing game. I’m having a lot of fun.
It’s one of those games that stays with you. An instant classic.

And that’s why I have a request (which I hope I can ask here).

Is there any possibility to implement Google Play Games cloud save as an option, please ?
I don’t have Facebook and it would be amazing to take my progress with me if I switch to a new phone.
With games like this, this is so important to me.

I hope it is possible.

Keep up the great work on this amazing game !


Defold currently doesn’t support Google Play Game Services, but it would be possible to create a native extension that adds this support. Anyone in the community with enough time on their hands should be able to do this. I had hoped to do it myself in November but I’m constantly held back by other things. The work has been started here: https://github.com/defold/extension-gpgs Anyone willing to pick it up and continue?


Thanks for your reply !

I really hope someone can do this.
I (and maybe many others) would be enormously thankful :pray:


Hope it is okay I ask here @Dragosha

What does this icon do ? And how do I reset it ?



Push on this icon to select the Hero to party mode (4x4). There is no reset, this button works in “circle mode”. For example: push this on Knight, after that push on Mage, label below the icon will shows “Knight+Mage”, after that push on Druid, label shows: “Mage+Druid”, etc…


Ah, I see ! Thank you for clarifying ! :smiley:


Hey @Dragosha
Its me again :sweat_smile:

I have two requests, if this is okay.

First request. Is it possible to implement an ‘exit’ button in the main menu, to simply close the game ?
The phones back button works, but is very irritating to use. I would need to swipe up to make the phones navigation bar to appear. And usually that will trigger one of the bottom buttons in the games main menu. This is very frustrating.

Second request. Is it possible to close the game mid-game. And the next time I will start the game, i can continue where I left off ? Say you’re very far into one dungeon and you need to stop (because of a real life situation). It would be a shame to suicide or stop the current game.

I hope I’m making sense :slight_smile:
And I hope these features are possible to implement.



The game has autosave after each turn, so you can exit from app and back when you want.


Just gotta say. This game won’t let me go.
Jut recently started playing the 4x4 grid. It’s a total new challenge.
I’m loving this game so much :smiley: