Look Your Loot aka Hamster


The plan:

There will be two game mode.
Classic mode like now. 3*3, heroes, etc.
Will add: the inventory. Here the player can equip selected hero with rare cards. Maximum 3 simultaneously.
After Boss was killed the game will show new screen. Choice one card from 2. Most of this cards have effects in current session only, but there is very small chance to get a rare card too.
Cards example:

  • big pack of coins
  • +1 to increase loot multiplier (without increasing the game’s difficulty)
  • potion of full health
  • shield with power 20
  • increasing chance to get a fireball
  • increasing chance to get a barrel
  • freezing all monsters at the board (-2hp, 10 turnes)
  • etc.

The chest after Boss will remain, but there is no “award”, just level treasure.

The achievements will have the prizes (coins or rare card depends from achievement).

Mini games
There are pack of indepented games. All of them need to coins for play. And have the rare cards as prize.
example of games:

  • 54 cards. You have a deck and need to draft it all to win.
  • 4x4 golden rush. Coins, traps, barrels and poison. Leaderboard will summ all games each hour, then will reset and give a prize to top 10 players.
  • picklock master. Infinity picklock games with increasing the game’s difficulty from chest to chest. Each happy turn will get +1 coins, each chest will increase multiplier. One fail = death.

So, the game have a loop of coins and rare cards.


I love the mechanics. But did you think of working on a lore/narrative? This could build tighter bonds with the game and improve retention.


Achievement unlocked. Earned 100K installs :tada:


Congratulations! Well deserved!


.835 is here!

  • some bugs fixed, some bugs added :slight_smile:
  • cloud saves through Facebook added. (Please, find it at the settings screen). Now you can transfer your progress from one device to another. Html5 version works also.
  • the Turkish version added (thanks to Etka)
  • the French version added (thanks to Thomas Bories)
  • the Czech version improved (thanks to Martin Hodek)
  • a new special card added, which is a chained lightning bolt. The chain will spread from one monster to another. +1 damage power to each new one in chain.


Well. My battle with cheaters is continuing. After I protected coins variable them hack the multiplicator, after I protected mul them hack Knight’s hero parameters. Ok, all records are saving to cloud now. The game doesn’t save all turns, just important values after boss killed. What I saw today:



Guess the language!

thanks to @Axel


I have a mechanics question.

When I am in the middle outskirts of the dungeon, how can I tell which card is going to move when I walk into the middle?

It seems to me like sometimes the card on top will fall down and sometimes it goes up, correct me if I’m wrong. I can never seem to predict it


The main rule for the new card is do not get new card near to the hero. And it’s clockwise shift usually.


Cool, thanks.

I see you fixed the “tap on character to skip a turn” bug :stuck_out_tongue:

I find that weird things happen when I am in the middle of a game and need to close it to continue later, when I turn it on it just recently gave all the monsters around me 0 zero health. Its done some other stuff, but that was the worst


0.85 is here!
What’s new from last posts?
A new 4x4 game mode added

A new monster card - Pyromaniac. Weak, but harming. Have collected 5 bosses so far? Go to meet the Pyro!

A new hero - the Ruiner. He seems to be able to invert everything into a bomb, say, a barrel.

He is shield master too. But the Knight can increase power of self shield by collect other shields, the Ruiner can’t.

The hero card is animated now (you can switch it off in the settings)
The Italian, Spanish, Suomi versions added
Paladin: 10/11 health points on start

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Would you like professional-quality Spanish translation? Let me know!


Glad to meet you on the App Store, Mr. Mouse!


Yay! Congratulations on the iOS release!


Yaaayy! SMMin on your behalf. Also mb @Axel will want to give you an extra credit in the newsletter? Wink-wink :wink:

Otherwise, your game is 17MB. What’s the split between engine/textures/other content?


Hmm, this is weird. I just unpacked the .ipa and I see that the executable file is ~5mb, only has armv7 binary, and is not stripped?
I thought that the new apps needed to be arm64 only?
I’m curious. How did you build/bundle it?


hmm, as usual Project > Bundle > iOS Application, in project settings turn on the same release_engine.appmanifest as in Android build. Here is it:

# Release + Record + Profiler

            excludeLibs: ["BulletDynamics", "BulletCollision", "LinearMath", "Box2D", "physics", "record", "vpx", "engine", "profilerext"]
            excludeSymbols: ["ProfilerExt"]
            libs: ["engine_release", "physics_null", "record_null"]

            excludeLibs: ["BulletDynamics", "BulletCollision", "LinearMath", "Box2D", "physics", "record", "vpx", "engine", "profilerext"]
            excludeSymbols: ["ProfilerExt"]
            libs: ["engine_release", "physics_null", "record_null"]

            excludeLibs: ["BulletDynamics", "BulletCollision", "LinearMath", "Box2D", "physics", "record", "vpx", "engine", "profilerext"]
            excludeSymbols: ["ProfilerExt"]
            libs: ["engine_release", "physics_null", "record_null"]

            excludeLibs: ["BulletDynamics", "BulletCollision", "LinearMath", "Box2D", "physics", "record", "vpx", "engine", "profilerext"]
            excludeSymbols: ["ProfilerExt"]
            libs: ["engine_release", "physics_null", "record_null"]


I’m guessing you didn’t click the “Release” button when bundling? That should decrease the build size a little bit (stripping the debug info from the executable).

If you unzip your .ipa to e.g. hamster, then run file hamster/Payload/LookYourLoot.app/LookYourLoot what does it say?


i don’t think so, i double check with this when build. btw, I’ve rebuild now with release checkbox. On screenshot “old” is build for the App Store. Both ipa have the same size.

The package contains:


not sure what I understand properly