Kabocha (Pumpkin) Game Please Provide Feedback

I’ve been working on this for a little over 1 week. Dang Defold is so sweet! I still have a bit more polish to add, but I think the 3 game modes are complete.
Casual: Play at your pace. Game is over if a veggie falls out of your shopping bag.
Challenge: Similar to Casual but you only get one chance to drop the veggie as it quickly moves from left to right.
Timed: You aren’t playing for a high score, but a fast time to get to a pumpkin. If Veggies fall out of the cart the game keeps playing (well once I fix it that is).

Feedback is very much welcomed. Both constructive and postive. But if you going to say I ripped off the watermelon game, let me beat you to it. Yes I did, but I think I’ve enhanced it in several ways. As most games are copies in one form or another I really don’t care. So please save your time and don’t waste mine by posting that…please :slight_smile:

kabocha Game by schlista (itch.io)


Great work! Fun physics, plays well, feels smooth. The game is quite enjoyable already. The long shapes make it play differently to Suika Game. Below are all minor things I would consider improving:

  • I would like to see what the upcoming vegetable is. It gives me more agency, since I can then plan in the short term.
  • I would like to be able to drop vegetables with shorter delay, so that I can do more tricks.
  • I would like to be able to hold-and-drag to move the vegetable, and have it drop on mouse release. It feels off as it works now with mouse controls. Alternatively, have the vegetable simply follow the mouse at all times until I use another input method.
  • I dropped a green pumpkin on another green pumpkin, and it just bounced off. It feels like sometimes it takes a frame or two for a match to be registered, and maybe it bounced hard enough to no longer be in contact when the match would normally be registered.
  • I can drop vegetables on the edge of the container so that they bounce inwards. To me, it didn’t feel like that was intended.
  • When I drop a vegetable, I would like the next vegetable to show up right away, even if I’m not allowed to drop it. To me, it just feels a bit off that I have to wait without nothing visual at the top.
  • I would like a back button so that I can return to the menu and play another mode without reloading the page.
  • In Firefox, when I switch tab (e.g. to write this comment), the music doesn’t completely pause, but I get like 1/10 of a second of sound once every few seconds.

Thank you very much.

The two veggies that hit the container on drop are intended that way. I will look to improve the game based on your great feedback.

Good stuff.
A sound mute and slider would be good.
It looks like the veg fall the wrong side of the glass at the top, although hardly noticeable really.

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I played for a bit, fun game!

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Really quite addictive! Wasn’t quite able to get to the elusive pumpkin.


So close…just one potato away from a pumpkin. My son managed to get two pumpkins some how. I’m going to put an easter egg in for when you combine two pumpkins :slight_smile:

not literally an easter egg, but something fun with the pumpkins. Couple options are…the pumpkins keep getting a little bigger each time you combine them. Or they change their face from happy to sad to angry as you combine them.

The new build looks better and I believe performs a little better. However, I really need some defold dev help to figure out why it slows down too much when the bag gets filled, why some veggies are going radically out of control, and some through the bag. I’ve tried several work arounds to avoid it but it still is occurring. It’s kind of a game killer to this type of game.

I’ve already incorporated some of your feedback into the game. I still plan to add the on deck veggie to it but that’s a bit more complex to add. But I did increase the drop rate. But if I go too quick the defold engine can’t keep up and it causes even more issues than I have now.

I don’t think I’ll do hold and drag as the touch mode was designed for mobile where they can just touch where they want the veggie to drop. For more control I added left/right arrows, spacebar and controller support.

Yes as the veggies fill up the engine can’t keep up it appears, i’m hoping to find a solution to that. BTW That was supposed to be a green pepper, but I love the green pumpkin title. :slight_smile:

I added a menu button that will quit the game and go back to the main menu.

You really gave me great feedback…I truly appreciate it.

Most say the game is addictive…I like that–it means I have their epinephrine or some stuff like that firing in their system. :slight_smile: Maybe I can get a good thing going here as a popular game…and that will in turn fire my epinephrine hormones. LOL

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The physics feel better, and the increased drop rate gives the game a snappy feel. Great work!

Yesterday I had issues with vegetables getting stuck half-way outside the bag or shooting up and out. But now in ~30 minutes of play I didn’t have any physics issues.

The physics jank currently in the game may not be “physically accurate”, but I feel it makes the gameplay better as it helps you over time by rattling the vegetables so that the ones stuck at the bottom can find a match.

And after a long struggle I finally got a pumpkin! :joy:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to play it. Glad you enjoyed it.

I still need to find a fix to the tunneling of objects issue. It doesn’t happen as often but still does. Not sure if making things with more or less mass will help to keep them from exploding out of the bag.

If anyone know the best way to fix tunneling of dynamic colliders please let me know.

Stupid hint: make very thick walls. :slight_smile:

That didn’t work…first thing I tried. Now I’m trying a wall surrounded by a bunch of circle colliders. It appears to have helped some.

Also I set all the veggies to be bullets so they get better detection (I think). But I think that hurts the full shopping bag game performance.

I think it’s looking a lot better. The sound and music buttons only disable the music (for now). But if you play it you may see veggies going through the bag, some spinning out of control, and then as the bag gets more full the combination of veggies slows down. I’d like to know from the defold team what I can do to improve that. Especially the slowing down of the combination of veggies.

Including this: I’m thinking about changing casual mode to basically an endless mode where veggies falling out of the bag don’t end game (considering the nature of veggies just randomly flying out of the bag makes that current game over event a non event and part of the fun).

All other feedback is very much appreciated. I’d really like to know what you think of the game music too for each mode. I hope I captured the spirit of each mode.
Kabocha Game by schlista (itch.io)

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I joined this forum when I started building my game on 11 Oct, so it took about 3 1/2 weeks to complete.

I learned a ton about Defold, and I know I truly love it. You can check out the game here:

Kabocha Game by Kabocha Games (itch.io)

Once google approves my dev account I’ll release on the Google Playstore as well.


Congrats! I’m going to join your three posts in a single post. Please add follow-up posts to the merged post.

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Thank you.

It finally made it out of the playstore.
Kabocha Game - Apps on Google Play


So a youtuber featured my game as one of the suika clones. His feedback was spot on (except for the score…he was playing the wrong mode). The biggest issue is the physics performance.

When will defold by enhancing it’s BOX2D physics engine?