Latest Kabocha (pumpkin) game build

I think it’s looking a lot better. The sound and music buttons only disable the music (for now). But if you play it you may see veggies going through the bag, some spinning out of control, and then as the bag gets more full the combination of veggies slows down. I’d like to know from the defold team what I can do to improve that. Especially the slowing down of the combination of veggies.

Including this: I’m thinking about changing casual mode to basically an endless mode where veggies falling out of the bag don’t end game (considering the nature of veggies just randomly flying out of the bag makes that current game over event a non event and part of the fun).

All other feedback is very much appreciated. I’d really like to know what you think of the game music too for each mode. I hope I captured the spirit of each mode.
Kabocha Game by schlista (

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