Kabocha (Pumpkin) Game Please Provide Feedback

What do you mean by enhancing? What do you need specifically?

I would say that the physics is completely fine for this type of game!

On the other hand, the reviewer is right about the score. If in that mode there is no score, that the screen should not show “0” and “high score”. And he is also right about the fact that there is no way to lose; in my opinion the game should stop when something is touching the upper limit of the container (something like Tetris).

Finally it seems to me that sometime the bubble is empty and explodes anyway for some reason.

Of course these are just my personal ideas…


There is a score…you need to get a pumpkin to get a score. Each pumpkin is 1. Combine two pumpkins and you get 2 points for it.

And the pysics are very slow to respond. It doesn’t “feel” right.

The pysics are slow to respond to collisions even though I’m not beyond the max contacts. Also in full version of Box2D the dev has more control of how the pysics responds.

While I appreciate defold makes it easier to start coding once you need to start to tweek things it gets very hard or impossible. I wish there was a way to fully implement Box2D’s features while still keeping things simple. Maybe the more advanced features require more work by the dev but at least they would be available.

In my opinion it is a too slow score system. I watched the video, a lot of things happened but the score stays fixed to 0. The player want to feel that he is doing something. Try to add some points for any pair of vegetables that is transformed in another vegetable.

I think that Defold, via Box2D, is signaling all the collisions. So if the player feels that the game is slow, it is not a physics issue, probably.

Again, just my idea. Please feel free to ignore my words.



Play challenge mode if score is your thing.

Based on feedback there are the game modesto cater to the various player types. Some just want pumpkins others want high score and others want fast. I give them all what they want just need to choose the right mode.

Have you tried it? Maybe I can make it more clear in the options?

My point is very simple: the reviewer complained about the score being always 0, and in my opinion he was right. What’s the point in showing a number that is almost ever 0? this does not provide any positive feedback to the player. If in that play mode there is no score (or the score is veeeery slow) than I would suggest to remove the score indication from the UI. I am just saying this.

Of course you know your game design way better than me.

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Hi, your game is fun but you should add the mouse movement (or maybe I’ve missed something, but I can’t make the vegetables move using the mouse)

For mouse you just click where you want it to drop. This was done so it can be used with a touch smartphone. For movement a controller or arrow keys and spacebar are needed.

Thank you for trying it and providing feedback.

This is what he sees before choosing the mode. Do you not think this is clear? What language or emphasis do you think would help? I’ve been thinking of making the challenge mode listed first and call it “normal”.

In what mode was the reviewer playing?


You are right, Casual mode is endless and you get one point for each pumpkin. But, what happened with the reviewer? he instantly forgot the rules of the mode he has selected. This is really to be expected. While, you, as the developer, perfectly know that the mode is endless and there is a (slow) score, the player does not get the rules.

Here some suggestions:
1: as you said, exchange Challenge and Casual in the menu order; I would say that Challenge is the more “natural” mode for this kind of games
2: show the mode name in the play screen
3: change the score system for Casual: either

(a) no score at all, the player enjoys combining veggies as long as she/he likes (and no score indicator on screen, nor high score)


(b) score as in Challenge. As I said in my previous posts a very slow score is not very entertaining (my idea of course).

I hope this can help somehow.