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My name is David Wolters, I am 14 years old and I have been coding for about 2 years now, I love making games, apps, websites and much more but mostly I make games. I have been trying out defold for a while now and I Think it is fantastic! A few bugs here and there but I am sure these will be fixed in the near future.

Happy Christmas to you all!


Welcome to the Defold community David!


So, after having been around for some time and written a couple of post here in the forum, let’s start the new year presenting myself :slight_smile:

I am Otavio, Italian guy studying game design and development in London. From today to my bachelor degree I have exactly 1 year and half… time that I decided (but have to confirm with lectures) I will use to make my AGP (basically the final project) in Defold. Why Defold and not Unity (which we use at the university)? My idea is a 2D game made for tablets and computers (although I definitely desire console as well :slight_smile:). Unity is a great engine but mobile optimisation is not its strength… and @Oleg_The_Evangelist highly convinced me with his talks (GameOn and LOGIN conferences) :slight_smile:

I hope to find support here as although being quite confident in programming with languages like C# and Haxe, it is my first time with Lua and a not strongly typed language.

btw… I am attending to the Defold event at the end of the month here in London… any chance of getting t-shirts or stickers to bring it to my university and sponsor Defold a bit? :slight_smile:



Hi Otavio and good luck with your AGP!

I’m pretty sure we’ll bring a bunch of swag to the London event. See you there!


That’s a decent plan Otavio =] Where do I email you to organis swag logistics? Also we can think about a special event at your uni - talking or workshopping.


@Oleg_The_Evangelist Would be awesome! email:


Hi guys! My name is Paulo Oliveira and i’m from Brazil :D. I’m Beginner game developer and coder. I use Game Maker Studio and I like so much, but Defold really impressed me just by reading about it. I’m going to start studying it this week and if I learn fast, maybe I’ll migrate a project that is still in the initial phase. So if I ask a few questions that sound silly, please be patient :Sorrir::alegria:


Welcome to the forum Paulo! Let us know if you have any questions!


Greetings Defoldians. :robot:

I started using Defold a couple of weeks ago, and must say - I am hooked, and thoroughly impressed. I will be lurking the forums for some time to come.

Thanks to the most excellent documentation from the Defold team, and the examples provided by @britzl - getting started has been fun and exciting. The few challenges I had along the way were easily overcome by reading up, or looking at examples. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting the time into these free resources. Extremely helpful.

I love programming… and now I love Defold (is it too soon? :kissing_heart:)… This is gonna be awesome!


Welcome @decoded!
It’s always nice to hear your feedback as a newcomer as well, so please let us know if your have any questions!
Looking forward to seeing your creations!


Welcome @decoded! It’s super awesome to hear that you’re enjoying Defold! Let us know what you’re making!



I do a lot of game jams and other little side projects and experiments. I’ve used Unity3D for years, but see a lot of potential in Defold for gamejams. I talked to everyone I could about the engine at GDC and I think it’s focus on 2D might speed up the process and make me more productive. Ludum Dare 38 is coming up on April 21st, , and my goal is to learn the engine as much as possible by then and use it for the solo jam (compo.)



Hi @mrphil, and welcome!

Looking forward to seeing your jam entry/projects!


Welcome to the forum @mrphil! I look forward to seeing what you will make with Defold!


Hey everyone, my name is Fletcher Cutting and I’ve been programming for quite a while and thought I’d give Defold a go. I originally started programming with C# about 5 years ago, I write my own programming languages and have played around with servers and clients.

I started game programming for about 3-4 years and started with GameMaker Studio. I tried to move on to Unity and thought that already having experience in C# would help but Unity is a little too much for me at this point, I enjoy making simplistic 2D games so GameMaker Studio is perfect.

But recently I’ve been getting more and more in to Ludum Dare and found that trying to use GameMaker Studio with other people was a little complicated so about a year ago I went out and started looking for alternatives, that’s when I stumbled upon Defold.

Defold looked really good, I like the fact that you’re able to sync your code with the cloud so if something happens to your local computer then everything is safe and that being able to work on a project with other people is at the core of Defold and is done really well. I started playing around with Defold a bit back then but due to the lack of documentation and tutorials I didn’t do much with it and then medical issues came along and I forgot about Defold.

Now I’m back in to Ludum Dare and I thought “Oh wait, wasn’t there this thing I was testing out?” and found Defold again. Now I’m trying to learn as much about Defold as I can and hopefully enter the next Ludum Dare using it.


Welcome @DatCodingGuy and best of luck with Ludum Dare! Please share what you made once Ludum Dare has finished.


@britzl Ludum Dare is on April 21st so I’ve still got a little while to work on my Defold skills but I’ll definitely show off my creation. I was also told today about my next IT project and it’s creating a Risk video game. I thought that once I’ve got the basics of Defold down I might do this project in Defold and possibly create some YouTube tutorials too for those (like me) who are struggling to figure some things out.


This sounds like a great idea!


Hey @DatCodingGuy ! Cool to see another Ludum Darererer here!


@mrphil Ludum Dare is the best, I don’t see why game developers don’t do it. I think that everyone who casually makes games should enter Ludum Dare, it’s a great experience and at the end you have a game that you can continue working on.