Introduce yourself


Howdy! I’m David Higgins. After many years studying as a Zoologist and doing things that make me anxious I have decided to pick up my lifelong dream of becoming an indie game developer. I am SUPER keen on making games by myself and I am hoping that my work as a scientist will translate well to learning and completing projects at a high quality.

I don’t expect to make money, I just want to have fun.

Is anyone aware of any great resources for complete beginners?


Welcome, David! :slight_smile:

If you’re up for some reading, the Introduction manual explains the core concepts and philosophy behind Defold—it’s also a gateway read into heavier manuals. Furthermore, the tutorials are a great way to delve into the engine and learn by doing.

There are also some great community resources as well—, for example, has an always-expanding selection of text and video tutorials.

And if you’re new to Lua, here’s a big list of Lua resources, compiled by @Pkeod.

There’s of course a lot more out there—but this might be enough to get started.


Welcome @Moodge! Axel has already covered many great learning resources, but please also consider our former colleague @andreas.strangequest and his Live Coding recordings. We’re also doing Defold trainings from time to time. We just did an open Defold introduction in London and we have a full day training coming up in Stockholm.


Do you know if the Stockholm training is going to be recorded?


@britzl Ahh I would love that, I’d love to live in Europe or the UK! but unfortunately I am stuck on some prison colony down south =P


I don’t know. Maybe. @benjamin.glaser?


We will go to where the developers are. If we can get enough game developers together in a room it doesn’t matter where they are.


Hopefully yes, but not certain yet. I will try to make it happen though @Oleg_The_Evangelist might know more.


Some dynamic linking is happening here. I feel like native extension now.

At this point we can assume we’ll record, cut and put out Stockholm training to YouTube. Also at this point I am working hard on making more online streams. But notice how my tone is suggesting something may be fishy =] We have a recording infrastructure that is easy to use, but we often cannot use King’s video team to cut and polish the video streams, meaning a bunch of Defold geeks will need to do it. But then again, we have the will, and lets see how it goes.


Hi, I am Diba. I am a game designer and even though not a programmer, I really like to learn about game engines. Recently, I learned Game Maker Studio and Construct2.
Lua is completely new for me, so, I think I have a lot to go :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Diba! Please let us know if you have any questions!




Hello! I first started programming using Corona SDK, but I disliked the lack of visual editor. I then spent 5 years creating games and small apps using Construct 2 (including getting one title onto Steam, which was hard work…!). I have also toyed with making Javascript plugins for Construct 2, but I think that engine is on the decline and need to get away. I also like Lua… So I hope to have fun learning to use Defold!!


Welcome to the forum @colludium! Let us know how you’re getting along with Defold and please let us know if you have any questions.


Hi everybody. Welcome from France. I’m just a hobbyist.
After 200 liters of coffee and 26 aspirins, I managed to create a running game in java in my spare time.

I worked with kids before, and I try to put the educational games I made at that time in android form.

Just staring here, I appreciate the community help. If someone want to use my ideas to make games, why not ?


Welcome to the forum @elitim and good luck with your Defold adventures!


Hi, my name is Luiz Gustavo and I am from Brazil. I have made already some games for game jams and I am looking for moving to defold, I already followed some of the tutorials and am still learning.

you can check out my games here:


Welcome @gustavo.basic! Please keep us posted of your progress and please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck!


Hi all - just a quick post to introduce myself.

I’ve been messing about with game dev for a couple of years - purely as a hobbyist - and looking to get into learning a bit of code. I’m only really interested in developing for mobile platforms, so this engine seemed a good fit.

Look forward to asking a few questions at some point and getting to know the community here.


Welcome @grimbarian100! We hope you’ll like it here and don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts and progress.