Introduce yourself


Welcome @elwesthal! I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, though we’ve always heard that the grass is so much greener on the Enterprise Database Systems side of things :wink:


Well @jakob.pogulis, if I eventually see some green grass I’ll let you know, I promise.


Welcome, @elwesthal – that’s a mighty fine avatar you’ve got there!


Hi everyone,

I’m Marius. My background jumps a lot between game dev and web dev. A few good years ago I was killing boredom for about two years building my own cross-platform game engine (it did feature Lua :smiley:). At the same time I was fooling around with iOS Cydia tweaks, so decided to combine them and built a live wallpaper engine for iOS 5 & 6. Then came about 3 years of JavaScript (mostly React and recently React Native).

Now I’m back to game dev. I’m the sole dev for a 5-man indie studio that we founded here in Bucharest and we hope to make cool narrative games. Been engine-jumping for a while 'till somebody told us about Defold at a conference last week. I find it really cool (especially since I’ve been experimenting with message passing in one of our game prototypes lately), so, I’ve been reading the docs, stalking the forums and playing with the editor for the past 2-3 days.


Cool! Welcome to the forum Marius!


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to explain that I have now changed account/username and will now have AJirenius instead.
Reason is simple. I have just left King and am now heading towards new great adventures founding a new game company. I will keep you updated on that one as much as I can :slight_smile:

As the account was tied to my work account I just had to create a new one in here. So… make sure to write to the new me if you need to message



Welcome back! Sorry I missed your farewell beer last Wednesday.


@AJirenius good luck with your new adventure, I’m sure you’ll rock!

Hope Defold is still going to be part of your arsenal of tools, the livecoding streams are a huge source of knowledge.



Good luck! Future is bright!


Hey, i know your game. I have a Wii U, I saw Elliot Quest on Nintendo Direct. My personal goal is release a game for Nintendo platforms like Elliot Quest. Congratulations.
It sold well on Wii U? How was to develop for Nintendo plataform? Do you plan to develop to Nintendo NX? It would be nice a dev diary about how was to release a game for Nintendo. o/


Who am I?
My name’s Vojta, I’m 21 y.o. student from Czech Rep.
What do I do?
I study Media-informatics in Germany
Why Defold?
I had to do a Java project for a university course. I made together with other collegue a small 2D platformer in Java. I had fun doing it, but java was a bit pain in the a**. So I was looking for alternatives for next game :slight_smile: So far, Defold is really amazing :thumbsup:


Welcome to the forum Vojta!



I’m Sebastian Vargas, from Colombia in Latin america,

I have been programming games in Unity over 7 years.

I think Unity is heavy for a lot of simple things and i want to make 2d mobile games, so i hope that Defold be great alternative.



Welcome to the forum @jsebastianvargas!


Hey there,

Name is Waseem, background is mostly in enterprise development which can get a little boring but I got into coding because of making games. This was mostly small games like Pang and platformers back before the mobile age using a fairly basic tool; Game Maker (before YoYo took over it).

My experience with engines is fairly limited but a quick comparison made me float towards Defold. This was because it was free (hey I am only doing this for fun :stuck_out_tongue: ), cross platform and the focus on performance. I have zero experience with LUA but that wasn’t factored into my decision.

Look forward to learning from you all.



Welcome to the forum @wazeemwoz and good luck!


Hello everyone! My name is Roman Petrov and I’m a professional software developer with over 14 years of commercial development. But I’ve started programming when I was 6 (it was 28 years ago…), my first computer was ZX Spectrum. In 2000-2004 I was pretty active on ZX Spectrum demoscene. Most of my experience is not related to games, but I like games :slight_smile:

I’m also a pretty good sound engineer and music composer, I’ve even composed soundtrack for a couple of casual puzzle games and one Japanese eroge :slight_smile:
You can listen to my music here:


Hello, I’m software developer and love games to play and build. I’m making games for many years, but found publishing it and seeing people play it is fun too.

I choosed Defold after developing game in Unity 4 for 2 years and unable to build it to android anymore (lib issue and unable to buy pro license for unity 4, and very very big game apk - 30MiB for small game) after release of Unity 5 and new pricing strategy.

After some research and small project (in dev) I found this engine very promising and easy to use. And all of you is very good and kind.


Welcome to the forum @stormarchitextor! Good luck with your first Defold game!


Thank you for kind words. :slight_smile: