Introduce yourself


Hi all, I’m Mikael Säker and I’m part of the Defold team. I work as a designer and technical writer. I’ve been using Defold for many years and will try to help out on any topic. I’m looking forward to your questions and feedback.

Please feel free to join me and introduce yourself!




Hi, I’m Björn Ritzl and I’m part of the Defold team. I have a keen interest in Lua code quality and performance and I have extensive knowledge of the Defold APIs. Ask me anything!



Hey, I’m Rasmus Björk and I recently joined this forum.
I started working with both lua and defold for the first time in April 2015 and is currently making my first mobile game.
Which is a casual puzzle game.
I will probably have more questions than answers but hopefully it will be helpful if people run into similar problems.



Who the heck are you?
I’m Victor Fabiano and I’m 20yo mobile game developer.

Programmer, Artist, Designer?
Kind of generalist. I work in my games alone, so I have to do everything.

When didja join the forum?
October 2nd…

Why Defold?
It’s objective, simple to use and has a highly responsive community… did I mention it’s multi-platform and the scripting language is Lua? :smile:

It’s also worth mentioning that the way this forum works is different from everything I’ve ever seem. I really love its design and tools, it makes your post look professional!

Well that’s it, e-mail me at:



Hi, i’m Gonzo, i’m a fellow glua programmer (It’s lua, but with some C syntax)
I’ve been doing lua for more than 5 years, and now i’m really excited about mobile developing, i’ve tried too many engines, unity has been the best, but the problem it’s that i don’t like too much c#, and the developing it’s a bit…Anoying, i want to test defold and i hope to get a really good impression about defold!


Hey I’m Anon. I am a programmer for 4 years and love coding. I am very excited to get started using defold, I only recently found this and have been checking my emails every hour hoping to get a key, this engine looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Hi guys,

I’ve developed games professionally for over a decade, and tinkered with games since the C64 days!

A couple of years ago I started a one-man game studio called Totebo Ltd where I make touch screen games for iOS and Android. I use Gideros; a Lua SDK similar to Defold in many ways, which is why I’m very keen to try out Defold and check out the workflow, performance and general “feel” of the SDK.

Waiting eagerly for a key so I can download and take it for a spin.

Take it easy,

Niclas Åberg



I’m Ragnar, one of the two who made Defold from the beginning. I will try to answer things in the forum, but I’m currently spending all my time making the new editor that is supposed to replace the current one. So, sorry if I’m being absent.


Hi Rishav here. Just a hobbyist.
Hope to get something nice done with your engine :smile:


I am Senthil Kumar. Running my own small indie studio at Madurai,India.
Evaluating Defold to see whether it can do magic. :smile:


It definitely can :smiley: just needs to get rid of “child illnesses” @FirstSeed


Hello and happy new year all!

I’m aiming to release a game with Defold. Currently working on it :smile:


Hello and good luck with the game!


Hi, Mi name is Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz. I’been a game designer for 4 years now and i come from a Web Designer / Developer Background. My latest game was Elliot Quest and i made it using ImpactJS. I am very thrilled to make games using Defold since it looks very robust and easy to use so far.

Nice to meet you all.


Hello @ansimuz and welcome to the forum! Good luck with your game!


Mutlu here. I am involved in game production for 6 years. I used to work in a game studio(Zibumi Games), now i am working solo on my projects. I ’ ve just learned about Defold through Global Game Jam site, Really exited about upcoming jam and this new engine.


Welcome @Mutlu! Good luck with the game jam! Keep us updated of your progress!



Hello from Australia!

I am very thankful to be given an access key.

I am very excited by what I am seeing here very awesome and very logical.

I have written a number of games in spritekit and swift. I have used Lua in other areas and frameworks I look forward to using this awesome tool.



Hello down under! Welcome to the forum. I hope you’ll enjoy using Defold. Please don’t hesitate to post here if you have any questions. We’re a friendly bunch!


Been lurking in the forum from start but maybe need to introduce myself as well.
I’m Andreas, atm working at King with Blossom Blast Saga, made in Defold.
I hope I’ll be able to help you guys out using the experience I have so far with Defold. Also hope to learn a lot of nifty tips and tweaks from all of you :smile:
Also occasionally livestreaming Defold at when I do got some spare time.