Introduce yourself


Hello everybody!

I am Edgar. I love game programming and I have always wanted to publish a game. I just found Defold by chance yesterday and it looks very promising and cool, I am very excited!

I am new to Lua and I am not only new to Defold but to the way it works, so I decided to join the forum so I could learn from all of you and maybe one day give something back.

Nice to meet you.



Welcome Edgar!


Hello everyone!

My name is Johan and I just started working as an engine dev. in the Defold team here at King Stockholm. I am really impressed with all the cool projects presented on this forum, and I am looking forward to getting to know the tech and contributing in developing Defold.



Welcome @Johan_Beck-Noren, nice to have you on board!


Hey guys,

I’m Andrew. I run a small software company, we develop mobile apps and other stuff for ~ 6 years.
I did some simple games few years ago and now would like to do it again : )

Thanks for the engine, it looks really solid.
Now I am working on Chopper Duel clone, hope will be able to present it soon.

Greetings from Moscow, Russia


Welcome to the forum Andrew!


Hi, defold guys!

Some thing about me:

  • Programmer, Designer, work for 9 years
  • Want to make indie games
  • I am from Guang zhou, China

I like this editor, because of its simple and clean design.



Welcome to the forum @lovebird!


Hi I´m “BlackFox” and I´m from São Paulo - Brazil.
I´m a 2d animator, Webdesigner and future Game Designer.
I´m starting a really cool 2d platformer with lots of Boss Battles (and thematic stages/enemies) and cool designs (I´m probably animate everything, even the stages in ToonBoom, but some ajustments will done in Photoshop).
If you fight all the hidden secret bosses, you can fight a harder cooler version of the final boss himself :wink:
(And maybe some extra playable characters/stages on New Game +)


Welcome BlackFox!


Heyyy~~ :smiley: another brazillian! (I am too as you have probably guessed…hue) nice nice~~
Good luck with your game ^^ hope it goes well, if you need any help I will be glad to help!
*PS: no portuguese because well, I don’t to piss off the admins~~ XDDD
Anyways, Nice to meet you! I am Kit by the way~~


Hi, I’m Charles. Joined the forum a couple of days ago.

I’m a Professional Game Designer / Programmer. Which means I’m very interested in writing code that is performant and flexible. I’ve been in software for about 6 years, and in and out of Games for about 4.

I work using Unity at my day job and, while it’s awesome for many things, performance has always been an issue. So for this side project I wanted to use something a bit lighter.

(It’s a little strange calling it a side project since I work 40 hours a week on this thing)

It was a very long selection process, but eventually Defold stood out. So here I am :slight_smile:.

I work with two fantastic artists in a group called Neutron Sea. We’re making a mobile game about Customizable Robots :grin:


Hey guys,
my name is Sascha and i’m working as a game designer for a german studio. I’m using defold in my spare time to bring life into some ideas which i can’t pursuit in my daily job.

As soon as i found an artist to replace a few remaining copyrighted prototype-assets, i’d be happy to create a dev diary and show you some stuff. :slight_smile:


Ohh, I like that! Welcome to the forum Charles!


Excellent. Looking forward to it! Welcome Daggett.


hi I’m George :wave:

I’m some high school kid who runs a game dev club

I’ve made 2 small games before and they both sucked

one of them actually still works I made it in half an hour

my game dev experience amounts to roughly 1 month even though I made them over the course of the past 2 years (I didn’t spend all that time on them; I just made them in that period)

I’ve gone through multiple engines and quit them all due to saltiness from bugs, lag, and custom scripting languages that are annoying to learn

Defold seems pretty nice though so I think I’ll use this one for my club this year

when I finish with high school, I’ll ditch this account and start using Defold for my own personal game ideas

I’ll even try doing a dev diary by streaming on twitch

but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there

so yeah that’s about it



A little late on introducing myself here, but here goes! I’m Hannah, better known on the internets as Kruithne, I’m working full-time as the lead developer and systems engineer for a small game development studio of (currently) eight people who are eagerly producing an incredibly ambitious project, trialing Defold as our supporting engine.

I like pirates, milkshakes and long walks on virtual battlefields.


Welcome @gamedevSITHS! I hope you’ll keep us updated of your progress with the game dev club!


Welcome to the forum @Kruithne! Pirates are cool and so are milkshakes! Please keep us posted of your progress!


Hi there,
I’m an aging Software Developer (lucklily with kids which is a great excuse for coding games instead of Database systems and REST services). I’ve always loved games, started with Vic-20, enjoyed c-64, Atari and the lovely Amiga before I landed with PC’s in the mid 90s.
I’ve tried a lot of the game frameworks and languages out there during the years. I enjoyed most of them (pygame, Phaser, Godot, libgdx) hated a lot of them (no names, no names) but never really fell in love with any of them.
Now it’s time to give Defold a spin, and since I’ve never actually learned Lua this will be a lot of extra fun.
This will be nice!!