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Hi there,

Louis , 22 y-o. French guy living in London.
Was about to start create game with Cocos2d when you’ve just announced : “We release Defold !”.

So, Hey, let’s go.

I have this game in my mind since lot of time.
I will finally make it. I’ll let the forum community know about it when it’s done :stuck_out_tongue:

Go go Defold !


Welcome Bob! Captain Cowboy is a really cool game. Well done!


Welcome to the forum Louis!


Welcome to Defold @Louis_Lcq! Feel free to start a dev blog about your game on the forums, we all love to follow them and usually gather around to have a look when it’s a new exciting post in that section :slight_smile:


My name is Jay and I live in Alaska where we work from wifi-enabled igloos.

I started game development in the late 80s making lots of games for the Apple II (6502 assembly language for the win!) and then switched to online dev and telecommunications stuff in the 90s/00s. By 2010 I was burned out and decided to get back into game dev – and found Corona SDK and discovered that Lua just plain rocks.

Within a year I had written an IDE for Corona and started publishing courses on game dev. About a year and a half ago I started publishing courses with Unity (including creating the curriculum for the CS109 course for the University of Alaska).

I always wished there was some kind of cross between Corona and Unity – I wanted to code in Lua, but I didn’t want to do everything in code, I wanted some visual tools.

At some point I found Defold, before King, and poked at the beta version, but it was a little too different. But I kept checking back and lo and behold, it turned into something that looks cool.

My plan now is to throw myself into Defold this summer and get up to speed as quickly as possible. This fall I plan on creating a “how to” video course and depending on how that goes, I may focus on Defold full time (gots to pay the bills, you know).

While I make my living with game tools and tutorials, I still spend time making games and hope one day to win the Flappy Bird lottery and have a surprise hit on my hands. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forum Jay! I’m looking forward to seeing your video tutorials!


Hey, I’m a high school student learning programming. I’m not a beginner to it all, but I have never made anything important or big. I’ve been wanting to make a game for nearly 2 years now, and I have went to various game makers (Unity, Game Maker), but have kept quitting. In the end, they took up too much space (I do all of my work from an HP Stream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and/or were over-complicated, or had just too many tutorials and things to memorize.

I had only come across Defold by google search for game engines. Defold has been different; It has been simple, lightweight, easy to use, easy to understand, easy to program, easy to reference. Hopefully, with this, I get something up and running that others can enjoy.

I had also been sorta wandering into the area of making a Pokemon fan game, but left, as it is a hazy legal area, and Defold has proven far more powerful in a week than using RPGmaker for months.

Anyways, I hope I can stay around. I haven’t been able to stick to developing a game without switching platforms every couple of months. But it led me here, didn’t it?


Welcome to the forum SNtrett!



I’m new here. I’m economist but i love technology, video games and programming. Its just a hobby but i love it. I use to use eclipse/android studio for app and game maker for games but i want publish my games so i want to start using this engine. Do you know any tutorials or books to start with this language?

Sorry about my bad english. Nice to meet you.

Best regards,


Hi Kleiser! I’m working on a book, but it’s not done yet. You should follow the official tutorials listed on the “LEARN” tab, and read as much of the official manual as you can. I also have a thread which has many tips you may find useful as you learn: Big List of Defold Pro Tips!


Welcome to the forum Kleiser! As Pkeod said, read our manuals and try our tutorials. If stuck, ask questions here!


Hi everyone! I’m a game developer that is new to Defold. My team chose this engine for a browser-based game, since we wanted to avoid the massive overhead that comes with Unity. It definitely has the best editor I’ve seen in a lightweight engine that supports HTML5, which makes this an exciting project!

Nice to meet you all,


Hi everyone,

I’m something of an old school programmer - most of my game development experiences is using ‘C’ language, assembler or Java. I’ve released lots of small games on various platforms from the Commodore Amiga through the PlayStation ‘Net Yaroze’ system and most recently a few games written in Java for Android phones.

Defold is my first venture into an ‘easy’ development framework targeting multiple platforms. For the first time non-professionally, I’m collaborating with a designer and graphic artist. We’re starting with something simple, a 2D shoot 'em up somewhat like The Chaos Engine. Very early days but I expect development with Defold to progress at a quick rate once I know what I’m doing.

That’s about it. I’m hoping to learn more through this forum and later on contribute myself.



Welcome to the forum David and good luck with your project!


Welcome to the forum Ben_James!


Hello ppl~~
I am Kit~
I am mostly a C/C++ developer, I also do art and writing~~
I have some experience with SFML, SDL, Unreal 4, MonoGame, RPG Maker, annnd lil bit of Unity~~
I like OpenGL and Vulkan development too!~~ :slight_smile:
I am currently working solo, so if anyone feel like doing collabs I am available~~ :slight_smile:
I started working on Defold yesterday, but I am enjoying it very much, its quite easy to get going work done with it~~
Nice to meet you people~~
Lets have fun dev-ing :smiley:
*PS: :wink: my grammar and typing isnt the best, i know, but i like it thaaat way~~ >w<


Hi , I’m Vien and I’m new to Lua and Game Engine.
I just joined this forum so I could learn many things from awesome developers.
I’m working on a simple turn-based RPG for Android so I might need all your help in the coming future :smiley:


Hey Vien!~~
nice to meet you~~ and welcome to the forums~~
RPG huh? :smiley: my fave genre!!!
I will do my best to help you whenever you need it~~~


Hello Kit and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


Welcome @viennarzc :slight_smile: