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Welcome to the forum Travis_Mix and pococo!


I’m Thomas Hartwig and I work at King as CTO. I’ve been heavily involved in the decision to make Defold public for everyone. If you have any questions to me directly or about King in general please tag me in a reply and I will answer.

I’ve been doing a number of games in my past, however, none on Defold so I have that in front of me in life… :slight_smile:

Good luck you all in creating awesome games!



Was told to look at Defold today and so am giving it a review.

It’s possible we may use Defold in the future projects, and give back to the community some useful things. I’m already impressed.


Hi, I’m Gazin Matthieu a 35 years old french coder.

i’ve worked with lot of engines (some of mine too) for professional app (not game) and with-in team (for games).
My real life job now is completly different from coding so i just dev game for fun :wink:
I’ve worked woth cocos/corona/unity3D ect…

I’m very interessting to found a engine with build-in feature, editor and good support.
I hope that Defold could be my next choice for my futur game (i’m actually testing it)

Happy to be part of this community :wink:


Welcome to the forum ThunderZ, Pkeod (and Thomas)!


Welcome to the forum ThunderZ, Pkeod (and Thomas)!


Hey everyone,

My name is Benjamin Stanley I am a 26 year old American 3D artist.

I have worked with allot of Commercial engines (Unreal, Unity, Cryengine, etc.) and I am liking Defold the best as It has a strong focus on 2D First opposed to 3D then 2D. Not something you see much these days.

Anyways - I make 3D Art in 3DS Max and Blender. Looking forward to seeing how defold develops and grows.

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Welcome HeadClot!

  • I love the signature :slight_smile:



I’m an indie game maker. I’ve served as a software architect for a well-known outsourcing company for 10 year before I decided to leave for new jorney. I’m very passion to make a game. I created a puzzle game as indie game 2 year ago. Now I’ve just found Sili Game ( as the next step. We’re just in a baby step and need your all encourages. We’ve released a free small game call as Blowing Bubble in late 2015. The game is a very short and simple version of the new game we plan to release in April.

I’m come here because I’m very excited to know that Defold was open source and free. I’m in progress of evaluating Defold to use for our new development.



Welcome vinhvd.

I think the answers about open source can be found in the site FAQ but as a quick recap there is no plans atm to release the engine code opensource.
Still I really hope you will find the engine suitable for your development needs. I personally really enjoy it!


That’s not an problem to use the editor and engine as it’s not open source. I’m very impressed with the game tutorials personally.


Hi all,

My name is Vin. I’m an indie mobile game developer. I love making games. I’m here because I’d like to say a few words of greeting to a game engine has just released to public by, it’s Defold! Congrats!!!

In my opinion, Defold would be an outstanding performance tool for creating 2D games, fast and easily; puzzle and casual specially. I’m learning this engine for working on my new project.

Big thanks to King for Defold game engine and your documents!


Hi I’m Andrew Wooldridge. I’m a wannabe game developer who’s spent a good amount of time developing for the web. I’m attracted to Defold as it makes publishing to HTML5 as well as other platforms. My claim to fame right now is that my daughter was on the winning team for Girls Make Games and recently got recognized by ID@XBOX at the latest GDC for her accomplishments there. I love RPG’s and I hope to create one using Defold - as I’m really liking the fact that you can develop across PC platforms as well as using Git. I hope to visit this forum often while I try to figure this tool out.


Hi all.

I am Jamie (aka Sphera) by day I work for a local design agency we build CMS based websites for some pretty big companies. I am the QA tester there. I have been doing QA now for about 7 years now and I do love it. Times are moving on and as much as i never wanted to get in to Dev i feel i have to now.

A few years ago I started a Uni course (work form home thing) on Games design, but I was unable to finish it because of work and mostly the fact that I now have a son. So now 2 years on I have some spare time again!

This means I can now learn Dev and go back to games in my own time. I know the basic Stuff of CSS and HTML, Java Script im picking up fast(ish) and then on to C#.

Upfront im sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes! im English but i suck at English!!!

Feel free to come say hi.


Welcome to the forum Sphera! (and to @Andrew_Wooldridge and @nsugar)


Hi, I think it’s time to step out from the shadows, and introduce myself.

My name is Ronnie. I’m 36 years old, and I’m a relatively fresh developer, developing SAP business applications for a living, in primarily SAP’s own ABAP for backend stuff and HTML/CSS/Javascript for front end work. Last august, I “retired” from my old job as an officer in the Norwegian Army, and got the opportunity to change career to the option I didn’t choose 15 years earlier. I’ve been computer tinkerer since the mid -90’s, and my first programming experience was QBasic, reading code, taking it apart, and putting it back together again. The first functional program I remember creating, was a glossary trainer for my little brother. Game development has always been my main drive for learning to program, but it’s hard enough to learn programming, and putting gamedev on top doesn’t make it easier. :slight_smile:

Finding Defold was quite coincidental, but it was perfect timing. Last month I decided to try picking up gamedev, yet again, and was on the lookout for good tools. I had rounded up the usual suspects, and also branched out to some of the 2d engines. When I heard the GDC news about Defold, I decided to check it out. And the fact that I made my 4 years old sons day, when he could play “Run Samuel Run”, based on the Starting Tutorial, with my 2 year old son as the main character sealed the deal. Two days after I had first heard about Defold, and taking into consideration that I didn’t know Lua, that impressed me. Defold makes it really fun to learn and create, without feeling like a toy.

I will end the wall of text now, but I’d like to finish by saying thank you to all of you guys working on Defold, and also all of you on the forum. It might be young, but there’s definitively a growing community of friendly people here. Keep up the awesomeness! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum Ronnie! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with Defold!


Seems this thread has fallen off the first page so let’s bump it, which means it’s also a good time for me to introduce myself. :slight_smile:

My name is Sven, I’m one of the core engine developers of Defold. You will see me lurking around the forums and trying to answer your questions, but I’m also currently in charge of keeping you up to date with our release notes.

I have always been interested in game development, but I usually end up writing engines and tools instead of games. My other big passion is real time rendering and graphics, and if you feel the same you should follow me on twitter! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Sven! :grin:


Well then,
Hello forum,
Long time lurker, first time poster.
I’m Bob.
I have a little game company i Vislanda / Sweden called Wadonk, and there I make games. Like Captain Cowboy.

I’ve been spending the last couple of month inside defold’s inner workings, trying to twist it to create a cool vectorbased engine even though it’s more of a sprite-fest. I just like to keep my graphic memory filled with crazy passes I guess :wink:

Yes, that is me and me is I .
Hope to see all you people at NGC next week!
I’ll the the goth carrying a rather indiscrite hangover if I have understood NGC correctly!