Introduce yourself


Welcome to the forum Johan! Have you composed music to any games before?


Hey all,

My name’s Carl. I’m the artist half of a small 2 man indie team from the UK called, ‘2bigpixels’. (Lee’s the coder half)
We’re currently looking for a versatile engine after releasing our first ‘soccer manager’ game called ‘The Manager : A Football Story’ via iOS and Android in December 2015.

We’re looking to work on a variety of different style games, so the defold engine ticks a lot of boxes for us, it looks full of potential. We’re eager to give it a try out and hopefully come along for the ride. :smile:


Welcome to the forum Carl! Please let us know if you have any problems and please share your progress with us!


Thanks Britzl, will do. We’re overloaded with ideas already so we’re eager to start trying things out. Do we just wait for a promo code invite via email to be able to access the editor ?


Yeah, the invite should arrive within a week from signing up. Let us know if it doesn’t arrive.


Hello world! I’m Jakob and new to the Defold engine team. I’ll be focusing on implementation of feature requests from you guys the following months.


Hey, I’m Brice. I’m a 25-yo developper. I’m currently studying game design in french school, ENJMIN.
I’m used to try everything I see in terms of engines and this one is particularly interesting for me, being fond of mobile device (especially tablet). Build is quick, testing is awesome and language is accessible. Editor is not YET totally user-friendly in my opinion but seems in great way.

Just to be clear, I’m not a huge fan of King’s games, most of them are spoiled by their business plan and “social” aspect is merely social annoyance or self-perpetuating slothing for housewives. I truly think people are creative, you just have to give them the possibility to be :smile: I mean, create a “custom editor” for $2 option and give access to the whole game, I’d buy that, definitely! I’d love to create my own Blossom Blast maps, and share with friends, cos this is creation and this is true social link, sharing ideas and creations. Anyways, I see all the projects seperately, so the games mehh, the engine, kudos!

BUT gameplays are good, sitting on shoulders of “unknown-to-the-mass” giants but still, they are good. Graphics are most of the time astonishing too!
SO an engine made with this passion, I HAD to try it out.

Hope you don’t mind the honesty, I should be quite active on the forums for few months on, I’m currently developping wysiwyg script editor and I give lessons to younger students with your engine. Really starting to love this engine, full of possibilities and sugar-rush fast :wink:


Welcome to the forum Brice! I appreciate your honesty. There’s no shame in not enjoying King games. The casual genre is not for everyone and luckily there are many more genres of games to enjoy :slight_smile:


Ohhh no no I love casual gaming :slight_smile: I’m totally seperating business plan from genre here. That’s why I can enjoy good hours of playtime instead of rejecting it all in one block. But I have to find ways past this timing and golds and stuff embedded inside the business plan to fully feel the game and that’s sad, for a gamer point of view.
Just, paying this way is, well, good for you, but … imho bad for the common idea people have of games in general.
We are an industry so money is here of course, and shoudn’t be forgotten, but still, as “non-invasive” free-to-play games are legion, I tend to prefer those.
Yet, I think your success talks by itself, it worked and people dig it but I can’t help thinking we can give them MORE than that. Take them away from being just costumers and make them feel the thrill of creating, OUR THRILL, the one we experience evey day. Not only because it is humanly bettening but also because it creates flowing ideas, and passions, and vocations.
But I do repeat I really like some of your games and I saw true effects on kids about litteracy and coordination. They are good, inside ^^


My name is David, I’ve been writing computer programs, as a hobby, in one form or another for 36 years. You’d think by now I’d be good at it, but the goal posts just keep moving and I can’t keep up :smile:
I was using GameMaker, which I quite liked, but it could get very messy and I was after something better. A friend told me about Defold a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been trying it out. It’s taken me a while to get to the end of the first tutorial as I did a Lua tutorial first.
I’m liking Defold and I’m hoping I can get a game developed and on the App stores.

The only question I have so far is, can I make the comments text green in the editor?

Thanks for your tutorials and videos. Oh and Defold!


Welcome to the forum David! As for your question: No, there is very little you can change in terms of colours in the current editor. The new editor we’re working on will let you do a whole lot more customisation.


OK, thanks. That’s good to know!


Hey Karthik here. Just getting interested in game development and saw you guys had this cool technology so I thought I would take it for a spin. And also, I’ve looking for a reason to learn Lua for some time now :smile:


Welcome to the forum Karthik!


Hi, im Jhei Krauzer…im actually an intermediate computer programmer (for C , Java, VB6 and VB.NET)…im actually work alone and not part of any group or company…in my past few years, i always build desktop application system alone (from desinging to coding)…this is my first time in game development and while im searching for some good stuff to get started, i saw this DEFOLD…i got curious to it so i read all the info about it…and it looks so simple, yet powerful game engine…so i decided to use it as one of my foundation in game developing,…and also as i observed,…the DEFOLD TEAM is actually very competent and always give a solution on all of questions in the forum…(yeah, active)…so i enjoy my new career alot…i hope i’ll be more competent on this next few months and develop an excellent game (like candy crush, flappy bird, color switch, H.C., etc – thee’s so many) with the use of DEFOLD game engine… :’)


Welcome to the forum Jhei!


Hi - I’m Leigh.

I’ve been searching, for some time, for a game engine that met both my needs and my wants. I’ve tried (and even paid for) several, without success. I really like what I’ve seen with Defold so far. I think this could be the engine for me…


Welcome to the forum Leigh!


Hi. I’m Eray.

I developed games with unity, cocos2d-x until today. I’m working on a visual editor project as hobby. (For c++ game frameworks) But I’m following defold engine for using in the future. Performance, low build size, community support are really important factors for me. And visual editor features are looking very great (tile editor, physics editor, particle editor, sprite atlas editor…etc)


Hi, my name is Travis and I am looking for a good 2d engine that I can use to make android games with. I am very excited to have gotten into the beta for Defold even if currently the engine is kicking my but. Overall the engine is easy to use and I am enjoying it but I am new to Lua and the way that coding in Defold works as well. My main languages I am familiar with are c# and javascript. I am also new to game development even though I have spent a little time messing around with Unity which I do like Unity but I have some personal issues with it. I really want to make 2d games and I don’t want to have to work around a 3D tool to make games.