Introduce yourself


Welcome Rafael! Brazil huh? The home of Lua!


Welcome Mauricio! I hope you’ll enjoy exploring and developing with Defold. You should get your invite in a few days time. In the meantime I recommend reading up on documentation and hanging out here with us at the forum!


Heheh yeah, i was pretty “encouraged” to program in Lua :wink:


Hello, my name is Robert Görtz aka Asamak. I’m from Germany and work as a software developer since more then 10 years. I’m a passionated gamer and blogged about indie games on Some time ago I started with a Android game. I learned a lot about android but spend to much time on technical basics instead on the game. So I decided to switch to a game engine. Defold come to my attention after somebody mentioned it on a FB indie group. I really like the engine so far.

Hopefully I can present a prototype in the near future. But game development is just a hobby and I only can push the project in my spare time.


Hi there!
My name is Jesper Norberg and I’m working as a mobile game dev in Stockholm since almost a year. Before that I got myself a Master’s in computer science at KTH. I tried out Defold for the competition and quite liked it! Used it again during the Global Game Jam, and now I’m hooked! At the game jam I also got acquainted with Ragnar, Sven & Mattias from the Defold-team.

I think Defold hits a sweetspot between simplicity and control, and am looking forward to see more of it!


Hi all,

My name is Dennis von Bargen and I’ve been working as a Java Developer / SysAdmin in Stockholm for 1 year, 9 months. It started for me with creating Flash games when I was a teenager, then I got my Bachelors in computer and systems science at Stockholm University.

I participated in the Global Game Jam where my team and I taught ourselves and used Defold. I was impressed with how quick and easy it was to create our basic prototype in a game engine we had barely used before. I got acquainted with Mathias and Sven at the jam, who also gave us great support on-site.

I’ve been looking into getting back on game development as a hobby for some time now, and with Defold I’ve got a good soft reboot! Excited about the future of Defold!


Welcome @Dekamik and congrats on successfully using Defold for GGJ! I’m very biased so it’s great to see others pick up and use the engine for something in such a short period of time as a game jam.


Welcome @Jazzpurr! Thumbs up for choosing Defold at GGJ!


Welcome @Asamak! The German I learnt at school was enough to enjoy your blog, nice! Good luck with your game project!


Hi all!

My name is Ahmed Nassef and I’m currently still in highschool. I learned Python and made a couple of text based programs (still nothing major on that part), then I’ve made some GUIs using a module called PyQt, then I made my way to Lua after I was introduced to it by a friend telling me that Python is NOT the programming language I need for prototyping games. I think it’s no surprise to me that everyone here worked/has experience. I’m hoping I’ll get to ride that caravan with all of you soon enough. I found Defold after learning the basics of Love2D, and while I was pretty satisfied with it I felt like it would be more practical actually using a game engine rather than making my own renders and collision systems and stuff… Right now I’m stuck in the tutorial due to the error “The tileset has unresolved issues” (Bad start, I guess…), but I’ve made a post about that already which should be getting some answers soon (I hope).
Glad to try this out and see if I could actually make a good prototype here, maybe stick around and actually make a game in my free time.


Welcome to the forum @PopCar! By the looks of it you’ve already solve your question with the tileset, correct? Don’t hesitate to ask here again if you get stuck or if you simply wish to share your progress!


Just wanted to join in on the fun! Have been making 2D games for many years and loving the possibility of HTML5 and Defold. I hope to be present around here!


Welcome to the forum @Dylan!


Hi, I’m Rory form Ireland.
I’m my day job I was primarily a Java & database developer, though recently I moved into a scripting based role. I’ve tried dabbling in making games in my free time on and off for years but have yet to make any decent complete game. I’ve tried a few other game engines, primarily LibGDX and Unity.
I like this engine so far, of course the only catch is because it’s relatively new to the public there aren’t many resources for learning.

I’m making one pretty simple game right now which shouldn’t take too long to make once I figure out the ins and outs of the engine. Currently just having some issues getting colliers/triggers to work the way I want. If I get stuck I might make a topic asking for help with it.

Edit: Forgot to mention, as well as being a programmer I have a background in Product Design.

So, nice to meet you all.


Welcome to the forum Rory! And please don’t hesitate to ask if you get to stuck!


Awesome, any roguelike sample projects our there?


Not sure @Konijn. Personally I’d love to see a traditional roguelike project in Defold. I know @Mathias_Westerdahl is doing a procedural dungeon generator in Defold.


Hi everyone, my name is Luke Cilia, but my mates call me Kent. I’m a programmer that works in C# and HTML on business and administration systems, but have been programming small games for myself In java for around 5 years or so. I’ve come to the Defold engine as it seems like an innovative 2d platform, and I really like the environment here. LUA is a bit different to what I’m used to, but I’ll get comfortable soon enough :smile:

~ Kent


Welcome to the forum Kent!


Hi! Johan Brodd is my name. I’m a musician with over 35 years of experience. I compose a lot of different music styles.