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Welcome @Abdou23! Please let us know if there’s anything you need help with!

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Hi, Ola from Sweden here, just created an account and downloaded the editor. Couldn’t get it to work though but I saw a fix for 64-bit Linux was on the way so I’m looking forward to get started creating games. Have some ideas and have been looking for tools to help me realize them. On my dayjob I do BI analysis and development so this is for me a new skillset to be acquired.

Looking forward to hanging out with you here!


Welcome to the forum @Ola_Paulsson!

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Hello and thank you for accepting me to check out Defold Beta.

I am known informally online as Ray B. I’ve been involved in various aspects of game development since the early days (eg: Commodore 64). I worked professionally as a pixel artist on NES and 16 bit console games, while also always learning the coding / tech side of things even if it wasn’t my job. I was a game producer for a while and then a 3D artist.

Then Flash came around and I embraced it fully, making coding, animation, and web games into a full time business. There’s also been some dallying with 3D engines like Unity and Virtools and a few years employed as a developer of casino slots games (Actionscript and custom scripting, MVC, OOP).

I’m back working for myself now and have self-published 4 game apps for iOS and Android.

I love coding, but I love it for the purpose of creating something visual and interactive that’s fun and creative. Sounds like Defold promises a quick path to achieving that!


Welcome @LilGames/Ray B! I hope you’ll enjoy using Defold!

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Hi, I’m Marcin and I’ve just started learning Defold. I’m making an endless runner game as a part of a game development course I’m attending. We plan to release a complete game in 2 months to Android, so this is a nice challenge :smile:

So far I’m liking the core concepts of Defold, decision to make LUA its scripting language, and messaging architecture.


Welcome to the forum Marcin and good luck with your project!

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My name is Fletcher (Listrix) Cutting, I’ve been making games for the past 3-4 years using Game Maker: Studio Pro. I recently discovered Defold and thought it would be good start using it.

One of the main problems I’ve noticed with Defold is the lack of quality tutorials and source code so I’m going to start making YouTube tutorials, as well as using Defold in Ludum Dare, on how to use Defold to help out with all the new beginners that are having a hard time.


Welcome Fletcher! Have you taken a look at these video tutorials and live coding sessions?

I wish you good luck on your LD entry and I look forward to seeing your YouTube tutorials!


Hi to all of you guys, thanks to allow me to partecipate in this beta. My name is Marco and I’m a software engineer employed in a big company and, for my job, I use .NET to develop business solutions. I have founded with my wife a small indie studio located in Italy. Few years ago, we have developed 5 games for IOS/Android usign Corona SDK but now we are moving to another SDK. The reason why we chose to try Defold is because the language used is LUA which for us is very important in order not to lose previous know-how.



Welcome to the forum Marco and good luck with your Defold game development! Please let us know how it goes!

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Hey everyone.
My name is Stephen, known mostly as Neo-Dragon on forums, and I’m from Dublin, Ireland.
I’ve been a self employed game developer since 2012 with a single RPG on the App Store that I still work on (ZENFORMS: Protectors).
I’m experienced in Objective-C and PHP and have 0 experience with LUA and my first time using it was after I got accepted to try Defold and following along with the tutorial (which despite some comments I’ve seen on the forum, I rather enjoyed).

For my RPG, I wrote my own game engine from scratch but used Cocos2D V0.99.5 as my base API for high level rendering - scene and sprite management. In June of last year I decided to completely rewrite my game engine and update the base Cocos2D to the current version (long story, Apple forced 64-bit compiling to their apps, the old engine couldn’t do that). I’m still in the progress of doing this and working towards a major content update but am looking to the future since the Cocos2D (objective-c version) platform is pretty much dead at this point.

I’ve a very data driven approach thanks to my experience and Defold interested me the moment I saw the page. Multiplatform build support is something new to me and very attractive about Defold. LUA seems fine too, lol.

Looking forward to seeing what I can produce with Defold and I plan on coming to the forum often to ask questions and try help out others once I get more experienced.

Speaking of Cocos2D - has anyone thought of an action system? A way to manage common animation actions on sprites (MoveTo, MoveBy, FadeIn, FadeOut, and so on over time)? It’s something I’m thinking of trying to port over to Defold/Lua as my first project.
Basically it would be like: (phrase example, not actual code)
sprite actionWithDelay:2.0f MoveToPosition(x,y)


Welcome to the forum Stephen/Neo-Dragon! ZENFORMS looks like a nice game! I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do with Defold!

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Hello! It’s about time I crawl out from under my rock. I’m one of the developer on Blossom Blast Saga and i’ve been using Defold for almost a year now. I previously worked with Corona SDK for over 2 years and spent a lot of time experimenting with different IDEs for lua. Will be fun to see what the rest of you guys outside of King will do with Defold!


Good to know. We have spent a lot of time searching for an alternative SDK which use LUA but we could not find anything of interesting. We started using Unity but for our purposes is excessive. Now, hopefully we have found the right solution in Defold!


Might as well =]
I’m Jonathan, from California. I work full time at a grocery store (yay), and mostly full time at home with the kids (yay!). I make games in my spare time as a hobby, with the dream of someday being skilled enough to make some money from it. I have released two games to financial failure, but yay two games!

The list of engines and game making tech I have tried out is long and probably familiar. I’m excited to check out Defold because it honestly checks every single box for what I’m looking for.


Welcome, Jonathan. Two games? That’s awesome! Hope you will enjoy Defold and this community.


Hi there!

My name is Mauricio Alegretti (aka Malegra), and I’m a 39 years old game developer and producer from Brazil. I am one of the founders of an indie game development studio (, chair of the local IGDA chapter, and also editor of a website about the gaming industry in my country (

I come from a very strong Unity background, but also have a deep passion with LUA (and Löve). I haven’t received an invitation for testing out Defold (yet!), but saw some of the youtube videos and read some of the documentation, and it seems very, VERY promissing.

Hope to possibly share some games and ideas with you all in the future!


Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking on the forums already.

I’m Rafael from Brazil. I work as a web developer, but my biggest passion is making games and specially game tools/engines. I’ve tried dozens of frameworks and engines since i’ve started almost ten years ago. No official games released yet but i intend to change that and Defold could be crucial to that :smile: Defold surely is one of the most promising engines i’ve seen. Big hopes for the new Defold Editor ! Nice to meet you all !


Welcome Rafael! Brazil huh? The home of Lua!