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Hi, I’m Pratyush. I’m 27 years old.

I want to learn do a little Gamedev as a hobby. Also, I also want to make a causal blog and document all steps for learning gamedev in my native language.
I tried many game free engine like Unity, Xenco, android or godot, But my modest laptop was not able to build the games in most cases or they took forever to launch. I was not even been able to launch “hello world” like applications.

Defold was very lightweight & able to build and run very fast on my machine. So, it’s my favorite. Also, I liked its elegant design & it didn’t feel heavy. I’m learning and still struggling with game engine, but I must say it is very comprehensive. As a complete beginner I like this engine.

Thanks for the developers for making and providing this tool for free.

Still I have my daily obligations in my life, but whenever I get time I will come here and drop by asking help or advices.




Hi there, I’m Kiyomasa Sato from Japan. Spent with defold just one year.
I’ve made some mock-ups and finally we’ll release a commercial game for short film next year. Love the engine and community :smiley:



Welcome @Pratyush and @pullingour



Indeed, welcome guys!



Hi everyone!

I’m Mc Neil from Philippines. I’m currently working as a full-stack web developer.
I do work as a flash developer way back years ago and develop few games from it
and ever since been trying to create games also using other engines even time I got isn’t enough for me to complete one.

All I can say is that Defold has much more potential and very useful for rapid game development.



Welcome @mcneild!

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Welcome @mcneild. This article explains well the differences between Flash and Defold



Hello Raven Lake here, I create Homebrew fighting and shoot-em up games with the Mugen engine, also ported Mugen over to the original modified Xbox. I currently have an interest in defold to see it’s capabilities. Is it possible to make a 2d fighter?



Welcome Raven!

Yes, I believe so. Check this post for some links to get you started: Fighter game , but how?




My name is Jimmy and I’m 35 year old from Stockholm. I just wanted to check in here and say hello to everyone. I am a Lua “noob” but not to programming so hopefully in the future I will also answer questions and not just asking them.

I have played around with the engine a bit and one word “popped” up pretty fast… smooth… I really like how everything seems to fit together.

I hope everyone have a nice new years eve.

That’s all… for now. :slight_smile:



Welcome Jimmy!




I’m an independent software developer and game designer based in the United Kingdom.

I’m new to the Defold engine, and have decided to use it for the development of my commercial game project seeing as the other engines I’ve been using were not suitable for what I wanted to achieve.

After many months of rigorous engine tests from the likes of Godot, Unity, AGK 2, GDevelop e.t.c. I decided that these engines while capable, didn’t suit my project and as well as my ‘independent developer’ status.

This was when I stumbled upon Defold by mistake (never heard of it before).

I was doing some research and decided to give it a try.

So far, I’m impressed.

Defold seems to provide a means of solving the issues I had with the other engines mainly because it ticks most of the right boxes (except Spriter support).

Look forward to learning about the engine.

Happy Dev’n



Welcome to the forum and to Defold @ETL!



Welcome to Defold, @ETL , and good luck with the game :slight_smile:



Hi everyone!

My name is Vladimir, I’m a hobbyist working on my first game as a part of my learning journey.

Editor seems well organized, elegant and beginner friendly enough, also I like to code in Lua.

I’m happy to be a part of this friendly community and I’m looking forward to my Defold experience!



Welcome Vladimir and good luck on your first Defold game!



Hello everyone!

My name is Johnathan, and I’ve been into computer science now for about 15 years and I am currently 31 years old. I mainly do web development but I’ve been looking into being a profesionall indie game dev for the past few years. I just haven’t found the right tool for me yet. My first big project was when I was 16 years old I created a demo project in RPGMaker 2000. It was pretty well received by the community, lol.

Since then my journey eventually lead me into web development and I first learned a real programming language, PHP, which eventually lead me into javascript. I requested a book on javascript while my now ex-girlfriend was at the bookstore, and she accidentally got me a book on JAVA instead. And that eventually lead me so many other languages and real game development.

I’ve started and abandoned so many projects over the years. My last game project was with the Godot Engine a few months back that I eventually abandoned cuz I just realized I didn’t like Godot too much and really didn’t like the scripting language. But my last actual game-centric project was making my own game framework using C++ SFML, which, actually surprisingly, is coming along really nicely. It’s nearly finished I just need to add a scripting language and some tools to it. I call it Mana. I have tried nearly every engine and framework out there and the only ones I can say I really like are Love2D and GameMakerStudio 2, and that’s why I’ve found my way here. Defold seems like a good mix of the 2? Lua scripting with a good beginner friendly editor? I’m in?

I’ve just started learning Defold as of a few hours ago and I’m looking to be a contributing member of this community! ^u^



Welcome to the forum @SolarOmni!



Great presentation @SolarOmni, welcome!



Hi, I’m a small Indy developer with a few titles to my name. I’ve been worried about the future of my current game engine (Corona) and have been looking for a better solution and I came across Defold by accident. What a great surprise to discover Defold already has many of the features we Corona dev’s dream of…

I’m spending time exploring the features of Defold to compare with what I use in Corona, to see how my transition would work and learning the structure of a Defold project.

So hello and I hope to be a solid member of this community,