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hello Defold Dev teams and fellow game dev in this forum…
i’m kinda new to game programming… used to make simple RPG using rpg maker VX in 2013-2014 when i was young aspiring boy… and have entry-level of knowledge such as ruby and due to RL work, i quit programming.

however since last july 2018… somehow my brother whom have degree in computer programming talk about his work as programmer when we went out for drink at late night…

it somehow spark my interest again in programming and i feel want to learn programming again… focusing to game programming…

and i came to realize the environment in 2013 and now 2018 is completely different… technology has changed. we have many option now compared to before!

old-wise-google lead me to Defold engine, found this forum and i register myself here. looking forward to learn again. i hope being 30 is not too late…

one more think, is youtube video dated 2016-2017 regarding Defold tutorial still applicable? need some guidance to learn. thanks for reading! English is not my first language


Welcome! 30 is not too late at all. Most of the greatest creators of the ages didn’t begin until well past 30.

Yes, old tutorials can still be followed more or less. Backwards comparability has been kept for a long time feature wise. But the look of the new editor has changed.


Hey Guys,

My name is Peter, I’ve spent many years in web dev and would really like to explore entertainment apps and games in general. In my youth I created fun things on the Amiga and Atari ST in assembly language (I’m 42 almost!). My web time has mostly been hacking PHP with some C#.

Having just gone through my first iOS app submissions (just some test Unity entertainment app’s) I’m now looking at solutions as a whole from design to deployment and what gives the least friction. Had a good experience with Unity but Defold has some unique points as well considering I’m looking at the casual end of things.

First up the lightweight nature of apps, build size etc and low end device support is something I’m interested by. Also, the ability to strip back the engine to open up FB Instant games etc is pretty awesome.

Just trying things out and seeing if it all fits for me right now, keep up the good work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i’m 30 and I just got my first few paychecks for games I designed, having never studied anything related to computers since i was about 11!! I’d say I learned defold in about 2 years (although some would say I never learned defold…:rofl:) after a life long interest in videogames and computers.

Good luck!


Hi folks!

My name is Jhonny and I’m the latest addition to the Defold game engine team! I got into programming at a young age because I was playing a lot of games back then and simply wanted to know how they were made from the ground up. That interest led me into a computer science program at Chalmers in Gothenburg a long time ago, where I got to learn OpenGL and Game Engine development for real. This is also where I met @sven, which has been a huge contributing factor for me moving up to Stockholm to work with the awesome team at Defold :slight_smile:

I’ve personally used Defold for a few years now for various game jams and hackathons, as well as for my little pet project Frogtown and I really, really like the workflow and the tools! Really looking forward to contribute as much a possible to the great community and the engine from now on! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody!

My name is Jovan, I’m 26 from Serbia.I keep my youth eternal by still not finishing my CS studies on college. During the day I’m working as a web developer(ironically the project I’m working on is game dev related) and during the night I’m dabbling in the dark arts of game development magic.
I’ve been using Defold for couple of months on and off and now I’m trying to dig deeper.
In past I’ve used Unity and Godot, but workflow didn’t click with me. I’ve also used good old SDL2 with Rust and heavy OOP C++ , but time to do everything from scratch is not the luxury I have these days.
I have ideas for couple of games, but first I’m doing my best to learn Defold and Lua as much as I can so that I don’t shoot myself in the foot(I’m making bomber-man clone while trying to use most of the available features) since the scope of those ideas is a bit too big for my current skill-set.

Anyhow, I’m glad to be here and talk to y’all soon!


Welcome @Dzuvan and good luck with your Bomber-Man game!


Hello! I’m Lasse. I’m currently crawling through tutorials and learning how to do things with Defold.

I made quite a research before landing here. I inspected Unity, Construct 2, Cocos2d-x, Corona, Game Maker 2, Godot, Starling and V-Play before choosing Defold for trial. I wanted to have 2D focused game engine with good scripting opportunities but with sufficiently high level of abstraction. I’m trying to create a game alone. I realize I cannot spend my time in writing code that switches images to create an animation. I also need a GUI where I can edit levels directly and do some things quickly with drag’n’drop functionalities.


  • Unity = Not really 2D focused. And it just felt to be too much for simple games.
  • Construct 2 = I have bought the license, used it, loved it, BUT I always feel like it limits me. Its extremely fun and easy as long you as you can do it with existing elements and you are happy to run it in browser.
  • Cocos2d-x = Seemed to be just what I wanted. Didn’t work with my Visual Studio compiler. I googled. I solved the problem. I got another error with my compiler. I googled it. I didn’t find any solution. Two hours after downloading I still couldn’t get past the couple first lines of “getting started”, so I dropped this one.
  • Game Maker 2 = Looks suitable. GML is a turn-off. It’s downloaded and installed. I might take a look at it later. (The price is not a blocker but I will look free ones first ofc.)
  • Godot = Looks interesting though I stopped looking after I saw very low level coding just get basic animation and moving done. Flash like timeline also brings bad memories…
  • Starling = No editor.
  • V-Play = Looks good but googling it gives almost no results outside their web page. Scary!


Welcome Lasse! I hope you’ll enjoy learning Defold!


Hi everybody, I’m Jia Rong from Singapore. I’ve spent 3 years in full stack web dev, and love building products. I tried making a game before using Unity but it wasn’t long before I gave up. But when I learnt Defold, everything was intuitive and the design is elegant. It felt more like programming than going through a much of UI to get to the point I want, and I really love that.

I’m building a 2-player mobile game powered by colyseus and was glad that colyseus made the multiplayer aspect ALOT simplier. kudos to @britzl! Loving the community here too. Will keep an effort to be active on the forum. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I’m Nahwell, from Argentina. Spent many years developing business apps with different frameworks/environments, game dev is a hobby and I’ve already jumped on/off different engines. Hoping to finding Defold the one that I will actually stick with - So far it looks like it, I like the structure of everything so far.
One thing (not sure where to post this so I’ll leave it here in case anyone relevant finds it).

I’m going trough the tutorial “Colorslide” and there’s a typo in the Understanding the game setup section, where it says “One game object with id “level”. This one contains the game logic script (“layer.script”) and a factory used to spawn bricks on game start.”. It should say “level.script”.

Hoping to see you all in the forum,



I’m Fei.
I have a indie game studio in China.
I use to make games with Cocos Creator.
But now Defold is my new girl friend.

Thank you.


Welcome Fei and Nahwell!


Thanks. Updated the text:


welcome everyone.

And especially nice to see somebody from China. Fei, is your experience good so far? Can you build native extensions without timeouts? Can you access the Asset Portal and Dashboard without any problems?

Also when you’re in a mood… the whole Defold team will be very happy and grateful to you, if you do a forum post about Defols vs Cocos from your point.


Thank you Oleg,

Yeah I have my own proxy so Chinese Fire Wall cannot stop me.
And you know Cocos from China, right? So far I can only say, Cocos Creator is good but buggy.
It’s so buggy that I can’t bear with it. So I started to find something better. Then I found Defold.
I don’t know much about Defold, I just new to it and still try to learn.
I believe Defold will bring me better experiences.
Sorry I don’t talk too much.
I love Defold, I love you Defold team and the community, I love you Defold sponsors.
I’d like to share anything with you when I got something new.
Thank you very much.


Hello everybody!

My name is Lars “Evolutio/Electrofenster” and I’m 24 years old. I’m a web-developer from Germany with good PHP/JavaScript/Ruby on Rails and Python skills. A long time ago I started to create a simple browsergame in my spare time with Ruby on Rails for API/Backend/WebSockets and ReactJS for the frontend but I discontinued the frontend, because it won’t work on mobile phones as good as on desktop, so I started some research and tried to find a simple but effective game engine which supports android + iOS and now I’m here to try defold. I hope I get some great results in a few months.



hello) I’m new here and modest!)


So, to perpetuate the tradition.
Hi here, I’m in pharmacy school but besides that I like to code in lua.

Have a nice day !



My name is Vlad and I’m 24 years old. I’m new in Defold and game development. However, I have some experience with programming on Python, Swift and C.

Defold is the best of game engines for 2D that I tried. Especially for newbies. I’ve downloaded Defold a couple weeks ago and today I’m almost done the first game.