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Hello folks. I am Ahmed, I am a passionate gamer, but have been a full stack Software Engineer for a while. My passion for gaming is what has motivated me to get into developing games, and I have evaluated a number of tools out there and for some reason have found a home with Defold, and also do stuff with GoDot. So will be in between these 2 engines for now, but really interested in deep diving into Defold further. Aspiring to develop some good games soon.


Welcome to the forum @ultimateprogramer!


Hi everybody! My name is Ted, I’m a freelancing composer/ sound designer and has recently started learning programming (python). After having built (and soon to release) a game with Godot I’m looking for a new engine to work with. I really liked Godot but it has it’s flaws.
Some things I’ve noticed with Defold after having used it a couple of days, and what made me chose it in the first place:

  • Defold seems to be very stable and having both a strong and active team working full time and regular updates gives me the impression I really can trust this engine (A big reason for choosing Defold).
  • Love the new Editor! :slight_smile:
  • All the tutorials, samples, manuals, guides, api et.c is really good and makes it really easy to understand and getting started (actually, I super mega love this).
  • Actually able to export easily to the most popular platform with a click of a button.
  • Implementing things into your game (ads, iAP or similar) does not require you to recompile the entire engine (the biggest point why I’m leaving Godot, it’s just not a good and solid solution in my opinion).
  • Easy and fast to work with.
  • A solid, active and very well designed forum/ website. (Godot’s community is scattered across 10 different social mediums, which makes for a mess when looking for help).

Sorry for the wall of text, but I thought it would be nice for the team to see and just to give some appreciation. And as I said, I’ve only used Defold a couple of days but I’m really liking it so far.


Welcome to the forum and thank you for the praise!


Hi all, my name is Isaac (some call me Newton). I became a game lover and developer since flappy bird came out and never looked back.

I have tried multiple game engines including unity, corona sdk, stencyl but ended up with Buildbox since it was easy to build quick games without coding.

Because of its limited game play, i am now looking for a game engine that I could learn and build my games with. Godot was recommended but came across Defold in my search and since its built on LUA, I am now deciding to stick with it.

I hope to build a TD game engine with it someday.



Hi everybody I’m a 26 year old dude from Malaysia.

I’ve always wanted to do programming/game dev for a living ever since my clone NES console glitched and showed a bunch of random characters. But it didn’t turn out well for me in school , to cut it short I am now work as an Occupational Therapist, which has NOTHING to do with gaming.

I studied a bit of everything, script kiddied a bunch of programming language, finally tried to use python it’s a great language but you can’t really do “finished product” solely with Python without busting your brain. I’ve always toyed with other game engine/maker before, mainly Game Maker ,I don’t know why but it never really jived with me and the new UI of GMS2 is taxing on my computer(it’s not that bad,but I can feel it’s not as snappy as its used to be).

I’ve looked for many alternatives, Unity being overkill for what I intend to do and juggling with my real life job, there are others such as Godot(which is probably the best contender for 2D game makers) but that never really jived with me too.

I think Defold strikes the balance in the ease of use/learn and still useful in the higher ups(I’m not sure if that makes sense).

It’s not just the software, it’s actually also the forum AND the tutorials. The forum(design,it’s animation) itself is really welcoming, other game makers forum don’t actually focus on this. Guess what? it’s the same with the people in the team too, they are all here in the forum helping us out.

The tutorials are very underrated too actually, they walk you through on some of the concepts and technique to use in a certain game, it’s not the same in every tutorial. In fact , I think you guys should list out what actually is going to be taught in each of those tutorials.

I have tons to say but I think that will do

Keep up the good work Defold Team!


Welcome @funtikar and @sysadslive



My name is Tommi and I’m a software guy from Finland. I pay my bills by writing code in various languages. I’ve always been into games and I have done some game development before. Many years ago (before starting a professional software carreer) I wrote a game called Quabro with pygame (which is basically a friendly wrapper for SDL in Python - with some added sugar), which is a weird twist of Arkanoid. I didn’t quite finnish it, though. It was probably for the best - the code base was a horrible newbie mess. :smiley:

During the last year I’ve been picking up game development again and I’ve tested various game engines and libraries, including Unity, Godot, Haxeflixel, Corona SDK, Löve, pygame and good old low level SDL2 with C++. Now I have a pretty good idea for a simplish puzzle game and would like to write it.

I stumbled upon Defold almost by accident this week and I had not heard about it before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I picked up the editor and did a couple of tutorials to get to know it.

I have to say that I’m really impressed.

The editor is really good - it does not get in the way with overly complicated menus and feels simple to use. Yet it has more features than I expected. I could basically do most of the work inside the editor. I’m only experiencing a minor issue with the markdown viewer, which freezes and crashes if I minimize the editor.

Lua is good choice for scripting and the api seems simple and elegant. It’s a joy to write it.

I’ve felt very productive using Defold. I think I will start writing my puzzle game with it. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forum Tommi and thank you for the kind words! If you get stuck then please don’t hesitate to post your question here or on Slack. Good luck!


Quick question: does slack work? I never got my email from them to join the group.


I just tested with a test e-mail and got an invite within seconds so you might try checking your spam folder or requesting one from there again.


I requested one again. No response! Not even in my spam. Am I doing something wrong?


What’s the domain of your e-mail address? Try a different e-mail if you have one?

#235 But I tried with and it worked fine (that’s a neat little hack, isn’t it?). I assume I had used before and forgot about it? I am forgetful, aren’t i…


Hi All,

I’ve just joined the community after finding defold. I’ve been looking for a game engine to re-ignite some of my ideas, I’ve tinkered with a few game frameworks and platforms in years gone by in a variety of languages. I’ve been a professional dev for over 25 years (yes I’m that old). Sadly I don’t get to write games for a living but I’m looking forward to learning Lua and getting to work. Really like the IDE and this forum by the way :+1:
Cheers :beers:


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Hi All!

I’m Paweł and I’ve joined the community a couple of months ago and I must say, that the forum is great itself and people here are really helpful :wink: I’m also really impresed by Defold - a game engine I found last year, when I was searching through a lot of game engines and I felt in love with it from the first sight. Starting with it was so easy, mostly due to a lot of tutorials, assets, code examples and explanations I found. Now, I want to thank you very much. I appreciate what did you gave us.

I’m dreaming about creating a joyful and catching games, where I could express myself, expand my imagination and tell a good story. I’m a young developer and started in ICT last year, where learned a lot about developing clear code and a maintenance. After hours (even in a tram :smiley: ) I’m tinkering in Defold and experimenting with a lot of things available there. I was totally newbie in Lua, but now I found it very simple and yet powerful language, well suited for Defold. I have a vision about a game I would like to develop and I’m gaining a knowledge needed to make it like I want :smiley: I will tell you more about it in a dev diary I’m planning to write on this forum :wink: So, hope you would give me feedback!

Have a fun while devleoping in Defold and may Deforce be with you! :smiley:



Sounds great, good luck!


Hi i am son to sicher :grinning:! and i started with defold :defold: cause i wanted to learn how to make games. i have some games made and you can find them here


Welcome to the forums, Son of Sicher! :wave: