Hello all Lillycue here

Hello everyone, I’m new to Defold! I dabbled in game design throughout the years, first started with the OG RPG maker back in the days lol and moved to different platforms. I even used the old Adventure Craft mod that transformed Minecraft into a game engine by adding functionalities and Javascript. (Made the trailer for the mod back in the days) I’m a graphic/web designer by trade but also dabble in music playing and production, video stuff, Gothic modeling and other stuff lol. I recently opened two online clothing stores and pretty much did everything from logistics to design and coding. I’m constantly learning new stuff and refining my knowledge in different fields. Never was good at school though, prefer to learn by myself and at my own pace.

I’ve had many games idea in my head throughout the years and decided it was time and just try and make them. Completed the Youtube tutorial and now ready to go the next step. That’s how I learn, move headfirst and do stuff lol. I like Defold so far, Lua seems really easy to learn, reminds me of different coding languages into one. This community seems great, might cath me asking a lot of questions :smiley: Have a good night/day whatever lol


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