How to get input from Amazon Fire TV Remote?


Is there a way to get input from a Amazon Fire TV Remote?


I guess it would work the same way as any other bluetooth gamepad.

The issue is that there does not seem to be any support for wireless controllers on Android at the moment. There is currently a feature request on github asking for this functionality -

This is the configuration I have tried with the standard issue DS4 controller:

And the result:

Defold app won't accept keyboard input on android device via USB-OTG (SOLVED)

If I’m not mistaken the FireTV Controller generates some Android key events that aren’t exposed in Defold.


Thats really sad. Its a fun and cheap way to get something to run on a TV.


Any news on this? Is this possible now? Can I add it myself maybe?


No news. You could probably add this support yourself using a native extension.