Help with Color Grading Tutorial (SOLVED)

Hi guys, I am working through the Color Grading Tutorial and have got to the point where the RenderTexture is being used to render the scene, which is then rendered to the window.

However the results I get are that the texture is tiny in the middle of the window:

Note: I used the Platformer Tutorial as the base of the project when I started it.

I have put the source code I have written so far on github.

I wonder if anyone is able to tell me where I’ve gone wrong?


Either the position of the quad with applied texture is wrong (too far if perspective camera is used or too small if parallel projection is used), or that the parallel projection uses too wide field of view.

Hey thanks for the reply.

The quad is positioned at 0,0 as per instructions and I haven’t messed with the camera FOV.

and I haven’t messed with the camera FOV

You might want to. Check the size of the quad as well.

Well I did have issues making quad.dae in Blender, so searched the forum and got it from here, which is from a Defold team member so should be OK…

I think that quad is scaled on the Collada scene. Earlier, the engine did not consider that but with an update some months ago that was fixed. I remember a bunch of my quads had to be altered because they were suddenly tiny, the same problem you have.

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Try this one:


You star! That was it. Many thanks.