Google Play Console pre-launch report warning in the "stability" tab (solved)

Sorry, it is me again with yet another warning when trying to publish my app.
Just like @totebo posted a while ago in his thread , the Play Console’s pre-launch test moans about compatibility in the “stability” tab of the report.
The warning is different, though. I have searched before I posted, but I couldn’t find useful info about it.

I do not use any extensions and the engine is up-to-date.
Yes, it is a warning, but the “stability” bit makes me a bit nervous.
Has anyone an idea what this is about? I can provide screens of the details if that helps.

I would greatly appreciate your help!

@AGulev do you recognize this?

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yes, I have it as well.
But game works just fine.
It’s hard to find something related to this particular warning anywhere, and for some reason there is nothing about it on android site for any of android versions: Restrictions on non-SDK interfaces  |  Android Developers

StrictMode policy violation: android.os.strictmode.NonSdkApiUsedViolation: Landroid/graphics/Typeface;->sSystemFontMap:Ljava/util/Map;

StrictMode policy violation: android.os.strictmode.NonSdkApiUsedViolation: Landroid/graphics/Typeface;->sSystemFontMap:Ljava/util/Map;
	at android.os.StrictMode.lambda$static$1(
	at android.os.-$$Lambda$StrictMode$lu9ekkHJ2HMz0jd3F8K8MnhenxQ.accept(Unknown Source:2)
	at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredField(Native Method)
	at$$ Source:6)

UPD: Maybe it’s one of their false positive warnings

UPD2: I found it! config/hiddenapi-light-greylist.txt - platform/frameworks/base - Git at Google
it’s in Android 9 hiddenapi-light-greylist.txt

so, it’s should be fine


Hello @AGulev, thank you very much for looking into this and for finding the warning!
I am relieved to see that you don’t think there is a problem.

Your details look like mine, except for one line but I think this is not important:


May I hazard a totally uninformed guess? Has this warning to do with fonts?

This is a warning that points to something in androidx library by Google we use in one as a dependency.
More likely they will fix it in later versions and it will disappear when we update it.

Nothing to worry about, really.

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Thank you, @AGulev!

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Ups, sorry!


I meant the warning as a whole:

Sorry, I am just very curious!

I don’t know, sorry.
This API violation happen just because Google decided to make some API private, but still, use these API in their own libraries.
In this particular case, this is not critical because this API isn’t blocked but marked as “better to replace”, because it’s in a light-gray list not in the black list.

I don’t really know what this particular API does. If you google it you will find this Typeface  |  Android Developers


Thanks again @AGulev! Just had a look at the link. It is all very, very strange, I even use a Google Font!
Be as it may, thank you very much for helping me out. I shall ignore the warning.



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