Generate custom game.project settings


Request 1: It would be cool if libraries could automatically add their own configuration settings to the game.project file. I noticed that the google analytics library requires you to open your game.project file with an external text editor and copy-paste some stuff into it. That works, but isn’t exactly ideal.

Request 2: Allow specifying the type of a setting, so the editor makes the right input widget for it. For example, clicking a checkbox is much nicer than typing “1” or “0” in a full-length text input box.

There is one old question about this: Custom checkbox in project settings file (game.project)

Requests 3 & 4: Specifying default values and tooltips for settings would be very nice too (but much lower priority).



Yea, we even have a ticket for that:



Ah, nice! I didn’t search there…shame on me :smile: I’m not used to having access to old engine issues yet.



I think you wrote a great explanation for the task. Thank you!