Family Age


YES! Finally got to try this game!

… now I keep finding myself waiting for opportunities to play again. I guess that means it’s a little addictive. :thinking::smiley:

It’s cool to see the capabilities of Defold with a good team. You guys did awesome.


Thank you! :grin::grin::grin:


It’s two years today since we started the development, so we prepared a short video about this:


Hello, guys! What do you think about our new promo?


I like it! However, a thing I like with Family Age is the whole big base building aspect, which isn’t super clear in the promo. Maybe to a quick zoom-out at the end, showing it on a larger scale? In any case, nice promo :slight_smile:


Hi, your game is actually awesome, happy and addictive! :wink: I agree with @Axel too, I was impressed by the scale and what can be achieved at the beginning, so it should be shown :wink: Also, not even a single dialog was shown and those in game are brilliant and funny, though I don’t think I see a dialog in any mobile game ad. Anyway, the promo is encouraging and nice :wink:


Hi, people who love Defold Engine and farm games) It’s better late than never, so… we’ve already released Halloween update. This is a first Halloween event in Family Age story!
We need your feedback! So feel free leave comments!


When will be available world wide?


@selimanac For now game available for almost all English and Russian-speaking countries.
Translation on other languages planned to next year, which exactly country you are asking for?


@viforeb Congratulations, very nice game! Will it be available in Hungarian?


@coderm4ster Yes, it should be, already, both iOS and Android


@viforeb Sorry, I meant if the game would be available in hungarian language? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Never say never, but hungarian seems to me too local.
The problem with localization is to keep them in actual state.
We add new quests and edit old ones every week, so new localizations may add a huge bulk of work to our small team.


Hi :wink:
I would like to say, that your game is simply awesome, very beautiful, fluent, every interaction is satysfing, every quest is challenging (sometimes really, I mean, I know it has a purpose to maintain yourselves and it’s alright :wink: ) What I could say from a perspective of middle european player is that IAPs are a little bit too expensive - try smaller packages or frequent sales :wink: sometimes I read the same conversations for a second time - is it for a purpose or a bug? What more I could suggest? Maybe more small quests like those with cooking that could give players a feel of completing tasks frequently, while trying to complete those more complex and resource demanding :wink:
In overall, the game is great, so keep up the good work! :smiley:


Thank you for feedback!
We revised IAPs and try to make it cheaper, slightly move focus to left, i.e smaller but more frequent packages. Don’t sure is it enough, but hope it became better :slight_smile:

What about the same conversations for a second time - of course it is a bug.
We are going to do a huge work next year for optimising and refactoring.

We also planing to make quest system dynamic, wich should hide uninteresting or too hard quests into the pool and get new ones if player looks bored.



This sounds really great! :wink:


Hi. Simple gameplay question here: The tutorial is good, but doesn’t always show where to get necessary items. For instance, where does one get salt for cooking in the game? It would be helpful to be shown things like this in the tutorial. (I would appreciate finding this out, also. Can’t cook without it, and don’t want to spend all my gems buying it.) Great game so far, otherwise! :grinning: Thanks!


You can buy salt when the tradesman arrives, get it from sea shells around and after sacrifices :wink: Tutorial or just info would be great, though!