Family Age


Hi, everybody! We’re “Easy Team” and we’ve want to show you, guys, our project — it’s mobile farm game called “Family Age”! Help your family to survive and settle in a primal world full of danger!

Now it is in open beta for iOS and Android users! Game available in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden.

Download Android app for free here:

iOS version here:

So to improve our game we want to collect feedback. Please, help us to make our game better, drop something below or on email -

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Game currently available at Sweden, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine


BIG congratulation to you guys!
The game is exactly my type and it runs and plays really well. Of course there could be some balancing things along the way but very minor thing. Well done and good luck with the continued work



It is a huge game, and a cool showcase for Defold. I still have a task to provide english subtitles to your talks (from Games Gathering) about Family Age development in Defold… #sometimes


:+1: :sunglasses:


This is not avaliable in the the US app store


Google play link not working


Yes, it is only available at Belarus, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden for now.


And why is that?


We want to test game on local markets before going global.
There are a lot of things to manage and set-up, behind the game itself.
But we are working hard, making about three updates every two weeks


sounds great


It’s a common practice to release a playtest or pre-release version in a limited set of countries or in other ways to a limited audience.


Last update made me lose all my progress (lvl 16) which in practice just made me uninstall the game :frowning:
Any way of reverting this? Accident or intentional?