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Fantastic news!! Great job! :smiley:


Great job indeed! If any of the issues you encountered were with the engine then please let us know!


Engine works well, it’s all our mistakes. Sometimes more obviously than you are expecting


Last Sunday we’ve launched a huge update with new maps, decorations, quests and general improvements.
Our rating risen from 4.1* to 4.6* and Day-1 Retention now became 50%

We are going to make futher optimisations and do next big update that rises the game even higher


Yay, well done!


Epic rating at Google Play:


Are you testing app icons at the moment? You can get faster results for click through rates if you test the images on Facebook ads for example.


Yes, we are.
Thanks for advice!


We’ve launched new update, dedicated to the FIFA World Cup.
We bring some “Hidden object” mechanics into a farm game and now have a fun evening :smiley:


team picture! <3