Enhance - Defold Native extension for over 30 SDKs


Our extension gives Defold users access to tons of SDKs, so you no longer have to wait for the native extensions to be built for each SDK that you want to use.

Our technology makes it possible to implement any SDK that we support by just checking a box. You just need to implement our very simple extension into your project, then future SDKs or updates can be implemented in a few clicks.

We currently have support for advertising, analytics, mediation, attribution, and some other SDK types - you can find a full list here: https://enhance.co/documentation/supported-services

We’ve just released the extension, so we’d love people to try it out and let us know if you have any suggestions, feedback, or if you find any issues.

Download the extension here:

Or from GitHub:

Once implemented, follow the instructions at https://enhance.co/ to select the SDKs to implement.


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WOW. This seems great!

Can you tell us more about the service? Is it really free?

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According to their website, they have some % cut of the revenue.



Yep - it is totally free.

Our model is that we have agreements with the third party service providers - they compensate us for helping to get their SDKs easily implemented into apps. It’s really great for everybody since we’re solving a problem for all parties (the developers, the service providers, and if applicable the publishers).

I believe the text on the website was specifically referring to “FGL Managed”, where FGL will mediate ads on your behalf - however we’re currently not offering this service due to our core focus of simplifying SDK integrations. I’ll make sure that any references to that service are clarified or removed.



Excellent addition!
We will definitely look into what you are offering in this package



Hi @FGL_Luke thank you for this cool service/native extension!!!

But I have one question:
Do you have possability to know height of admob SmartBanner in your sdk? Something like here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10433140/android-get-admob-banner-height-when-appears

Would be great to add GitHub link to the first post

Do you have plans to add HeyZap mediation?



Hi @AGulev!

We currently don’t support getting the height of a banner. I’d have to look into how many of our banner providers support that feature and I’ll get it added to our feature requests list.

I’ll also update to add the GitHub link, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

And we do have plans to support HeyZap, we’re actively working on the integration plan for that, so we should have a timeline for it by the end of this week!



COOL! Thank you.

Heyzap for now one of the most demand mediation networks among the publishers.
Looking forward for updates!



Hi @FGL_Luke, Do you have any news/updates about HeyZap? or height of a banner? thx

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@FGL_Luke -
Enhance works great!
Only one thing - game don’t build on macOS.
Anyway thank you!

And one more question : How to sign Android app for production using your service ? (I tried to use my certificate, but I receive an error)



Greetings, has anyone encountered a problem with Enhance where after watching 1 reward video no more ads would be available until you restart the game?

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That’s not good. Is it still happening?
Please reach out to us so we can get to the bottom of this issue.

Thank you



@FGL_Luke @FGL_Rozek I made pull request a 5 days ago this fix allow to test build on macos, can you check and merge it? Thank you!



I’m not sure if I am reading this correctly, but Enhance will work for Android & iOS. If you are having an issue, please email us (info@enhance.co) and we can help you out in greater detail. Thank you.



Yes, I know. For mac os it’s just debug log, for testing. It’s much easier than rebuild gamy many times.
You already had this functionality but it was broken after updates - I made a pull request with fixes.

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Thanks for the info. I will pass this info along to engineering.



By the way, @FGL_Rozek—you should definitely create an asset page for Enhance; it’s going to be the main place where people find extensions from now on!



Thank you!

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hello, just tried the extension and i got this when building :
[options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6




@Mathias_Westerdahl: Caused by recent changes to build system?