Enhance - Defold Native extension for over 30 SDKs


if it would help, i’m on ubuntu 17. running editor 2. thanks


It’s part of our buildsystem yes, and is nothing new. It’s just an information from the javac program.


But the build is working right? I thought it didn’t work and that was why you made the post…


@britzl no it didn’t build. defold gives that error. and stops thr building process.


Is this the only message you’re getting? As Mathias explains in his reply this is not an error so if it’s not working there should be a proper error message as well.


defold shows a prompt. the build process stop. and asks me to fix the error then build again.


Please share the project with me (bjorn.ritzl@king.com)

Edit: I’ve come across the same issue. The bundler treats the warning as an error and terminates the bundling process. Reported here: https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues/issues/1295


hey @britzl sorry, been busy lately. thanks for posting on github.