Downloading old version of the editor


In the rare case you may need to downgrade or get a specific version of the editor.

Here is how you do it:

  • Go to
  • Find the release you want and get the SHA1 key for that particular release
  • Right click on the release and pick copy link
  • Copy the number after the #

Editor 2

Old Editor

%SHA1% = The version SHA1 of the particular release
%BRANCH% = Most likely you will want the stable one but beta is also possible
%PLATFORM% = The platform you want to download.

Error occurred to liveupdate.settings (DEF-3386) (SOLVED)
Defold 1.2.89 has been released
Bugs in Defold 1.2.125 (UPD : Not only in 125)(SOLVED)
Bugs in Defold 1.2.125 (UPD : Not only in 125)(SOLVED)

The current different %VERSION% are, just add your SHA1 to get the stable version

Editor 2




Old Editor



Linux (64-bit)

Linux (32-bit)

Defold 1.2.128 has been released
Dmengine.exe has stopped working. Exception code: c0000005
Font "All Chars" Broke after updating?

For macOS, download the dmg, not the zip (which is not signed):