Difficulties with release bundle

For now a lot of Defold developers don’t know that bundle with “release” checkbox - isn’t “true” release build. Yes, just if you have NE in the project, but Defold was made like a modular engine, and almost every project has some NE’s.

In monday developers who made games on LD using defold, complained (in RU community) about serious lags in Chrome. And I had to explain to everyone personaly where is the problem and how to make “true” release build. It was not only new Defold developers, even some oldfag didn’t know that.

We told with guys in chat, and @dragosha offered temp solution:

  • show RED warning near the release checkbox with the link to explanation how to build a real release build.

Of cource this it temporary solution until NE will be finished.

I think this is may be a really serious kicking to the Defold reputation as a fast crosplatform engine. Because many people wouldn’t try to undestand whats wrong and would make a conclusion that Defold is not so good as we say. (Especially in situation when developer sure that he made a release build because he/she tap to the release checkbox)


I agree, it’s very unfortunate.
I’ll start looking into this issue next week I think.
It’s one of the few outstanding issues for NE to get into beta stage imho.


Yes. I was the one of those guys who Alexey helped. Our LD game was very slow in Chrome (but working absolutely fine in Safari). I use GameAnalytics NE. Adding the release manifest solved the problem.

I agree that release build should be a true release build, when I set that checkbox. We all know that NE are in beta, but as everyone is already using them, why not make it a true release build? :slight_smile:


Simply that we haven’t had time to fix it yet :confused:
This and cached uploads are at the top of the list which we’re working on.


I’m curious if this is still an issue. Do I have to create a custom app manifest to get a proper release build?

No, it is not

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I was even scared for a minute that now I don’t know how to make a release build. But this is 2018.