Manifestation - Create App Manifest files with ease


This tool has been mentioned in some forum post discussion but hasn’t yet received it’s own topic.

Manifestation is a small online tool to generate a Defold App Manifest. The app manifest can be used to strip parts of the engine that you don’t need, or in the case of projects built with native extensions to get a release version of the engine. Give it a try here:

Bob suddenly bundling debug version
Regarding Manifest file

New since initially announced is a Download button to download the manifest, instead of copying it to the clipboard. Thanks @AGulev for the suggestion!


And for those wondering, the plan is of course that this should be possible to edit in an easy manner from within the editor. But until then, this tool should work nicely :slight_smile:


I really like the new download button. Just download into game project folder. Simple. Thanks!


I used this to create a manifest which removed physics (among other things). Whenever I run the game I now get:

ERROR:GAMESYS: Could not retrieve the physics socket '@physics': -6.

Any way to avoid this?


I’m not exactly sure what’s causing this, but the message is harmless. @Mathias_Westerdahl can explain more.


Manifestation has been updated:

  • Supports both js-web and wasm-web platforms
  • Exclude Facebook Gameroom
  • Better exclusion of Facebook libs
  • Removed clang setting
  • Removed headless and release checkboxes (both covered by build variants support in the build pipeline)
  • Exclude 2D and/or 3D physics


Have the same message. If there is way to avoid this, will be cool :slight_smile:

In previous, i’ve strip physics in release mode, so I had no logs and didn’t see this logs (probably)

With new --variant mode, I have one manifest to strip all what I need and got this message now in debug mode (tested on windows build from editor)


Agreed, created DEF-3638 for this.