Development App & Build App - Rendering (SOLVED)


Yo how are you guys doing?

I got a question on rendering running my game on dev app or live install idk (Defold logo waiting for connection) and the actual build app. I’m using @Bjorn_Ritzl 's orthographic camera (but I don’t think is related) and I just noticed this:

Dev App (Device - iPhone 6):

Build App (Device - iPhone 6):

(its not just the gui. The actual gameplay screen is reduced)
I’m using 720 x 1280 (9:16).
I just want to know why I’m having these two rendering differences between the dev app and the final build on the same device.

Thank you!

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Hi! It is hard to say… but I would bet that your code is positioning the gui elements in absolute positions. Maybe you should take into account the window resolutions and do some (trivial) arithmetics with them in computing the positions of the gui elements.

But, I repeat, I know nothing about your code so it is hard to see where the problem is…

EDIT: or, perhaps, the second situation is not making the right zoom to get the “virtual” resolution you are assuming in the code

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Thanks for the reply! :raised_hands:
The problem isn’t the GUI positioning (using anchors and pivot). The whole game is scaled (yep it’s hard to noticed). Same code on both but one is running through the dev app and the other is the final build.

and I don’t think is related to the camera’s zoom as well because the GUI is scaled. (Their don’t scale based on camera. I guess).

More details: I’m using FIXED_AUTO on projection. But again, I think I would receive the same rendering on both dev app and build app. Scaled or not. I hope you guys can understand what I’m trying to say haha

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I am sorry but I don’t use @Bjorn_Ritzl orthographic camera, so for me it is hard to help… Moreover, I apologize for the wrong interpretation in my previous post.

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Yo don’t worry!! :confused:
thanks again for the reply!!



The dev app has some limitations in how the game is launched. Do you get the same behaviour if you bundle an IPA and install it? And what if you build and run locally?



I’ve seen this rendering issue with Orthographic before when using it on web games (when I was testing Facebook Instant games). Never looked deeply into it though.



Yep, same behaviour (only on dev app the rendering is different rn) I’m doing some tests here. I’ll update soon :raised_hands:

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I can’t find the problem.
Removed the orthographic camera (and set the render to default). Problem persist.
Changed the project resolution to iPhone 6 standard (750x1334). Nothing.

Running through editor (local engine) and simulated resolution (iPhone 6):

Running on device (fresh build app installed):

I’ll create a new project and place things slowly while testing on device .-. I’ll keep the thread updated.



I just found the “problem”:
I created the project using the ‘blank/empty template’ and I was running on a mobile device. The blank project template don’t include the default app_icons and launch_images. So it won’t go fullscreen. That’s it :weary:

This thread helped me.



If you create a project based off the mobile template it should include everything, so you can grab temp ones there.



Yep I did that! It’s working perfectly!