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@gianmichele I’ve charmed @sven into making a video. Will pick a plugin (probably something about full screen effects) and will explain hows and whys.

Also, folks, If you have a particular thing (plugin, native extension, stuff on github or asset portal) for us to go through and explain how it was done - just tell us!


As for me - render script would be a good topic for some video.
Udited. Ah, I’m slowpoke, didn’t notice comment of gianmichele.


Next week we can shoot another video. Give us the topic to cover!

And here’s the requester render script video. Any feedback, please?


I suppose for future videos, avoid wireframe or thin-lined objects like your T-Shirt :grin:

EDIT: Now that I’ve viewed it in full-screen, there’s no problem. I had it minimized in the post, and it was very distracting, but it looks fine full-screen.


yeah, by multiple feedback the t-shirt is forever banned from starring in any videos.


I watched the render video finally. Thanks a lot everyone that was really helpful. Not sure what to suggest next. Maybe some tips and tricks you discovered along the way using defold/lua and the engine architecture? I guess organizing big projects helped discover a few :wink:


It’s so good, yours videos are gettin better’n’better!
BTW, Where Can I Buy this Awesome T-SHIRT :slight_smile:


time for the next video on Thursday. @sicher and I are to discuss more complex cases of addressing:

  • talking to objects in different worlds/collections
  • talking to objects loaded by factories

anything else to cover on the addressing/message passing topic?

Also I am thinking about a particles related video for the next week. But feel free to talk me into a different topic.


we tried to come up with the generic project architecture video and failed magnificently. Since then we focus on specific topics rather than broad terms.


Here’s the Collection Factories video:

Next week:

  • Live Updates video
  • Advanced addressing (URLs, talking back to sender, sockets)

You all are welcome to ask questions and suggest video topics.

Also we feel we’ve nailed the format of the videos. But any feedback is welcome - length, structure, complexity, etc.


Fun fact: 659 557 813 646 bytes is the size of the folder with the video sources.
Each devblog video has two video streams: 4K 100mbps camera stream and 1080p 12mbps screen capture + the external sound recording. Since there’s no timestamp, all three sources are matched using sound, and processed (graded, cut, levelled) in Adobe Premiere.

Also here’s a new playlist dedicated to games #MadeWithDefold
I will do my best to keep it updated with your games.


I would love to see a particles related video :slight_smile:


shall we just read the manual aloud (like we do for the addressing videos), or do you have specific questions?

I.e. next week we’re kicking of a series of GUI-related videos with a set of defined questions. Such as: how to make a button that receives clicks, yet anything below the button does not.


Maybe something about the curve editor.
Some information about the limitation would be nice too. How many particles are recommended to be the maximum?

I worked with the particle system yesterday and its pretty much try and error. Are there any tips you can give, how to work with particle systems?


That totally depends how much time your game spends drawing and doing other stuff. Also, the type of particles is a factor since they may cause more or less overdraw depending on how they look and are set up. Best is to measure.

Have you read


Yes, i did :slight_smile:


I’ve been really looking forward to a particle effects video too. I understand the manual and can do some basic particle effects. But they just look… not as good as some things I’ve seen Defold capable of.

There was a fireworks effect shown on a Teaser Friday a while back. I tried to replicate it, and got close… but fell short and gave up.

It’d be cool if you showed us your favorite effects, and how to replicate them. I’d watch that for sure.


And you can measure this using the profiler.


Also I’ve been thinking for a while on doing videos about Defold extensions, but could never come up with a format.

Easiest: I go and figure out use cases of each extension. But it just swallows time. So maybe demo and a video call with extension creator? Dunno… your thoughts appreciated :wink: Esp if you think the extension videos idea is bad!


Love the idea!

For anyone who has never done an extension and normally doesn’t play with native languages, it would be great to have a generic introduction on the logic behind the lua wrapping side. Maybe with something simple from scratch.

Another topic would be to explore a few of the quirks that are specific to each platform.

What do you think?