Defold video channel


The Defold YouTube channel is booting up! Subscribe now, and don’t miss the cool stuff.

While we have so much ideas and plans, here’s what’s already done:

If you have anything #Defold or #MadeWithDefold, please do upload it to youtube and tell us - we’ll add this to the playlists.

Finally, at the moment I am going through our old recordings and trying to recover something for good. Here’s the 10 minute pilot of @sicher explaining Defold and completing the War Battles demo in 3 hours.

And here I need your opinions.

  • Is the video/sound quality good enough?
  • Any ways to improve the delivery of this video?
  • Shall I slice it to longer than 10 min clips?
  • Any other ways to make it all better?



  • For understanding what you’re saying, just barely.
  • Typically people like to make small investments. For tutorials, it might be best to stick to below 10 minutes.
  • The bullet point was a good idea. I think most people like being given a rundown of what’s going on before following along. You might want to start by quickly summarizing the tutorial, and then showing the bullet point of what the viewers are going to start doing.

Some of these might not apply, because it looks like this was an old live tutorial. But, maybe these will help in the future.


cheers @GamingBud, those will definitely help. I am working on a pipeline for the new videos and in the meantime testing colours/looks/youtube features/etc on the old workshop recording (that still makes sense today).

Here’s a second iteration (starts with an announcement, more cleanups, better description on youtube):

Folks, please put a like to this post, if it is better than the initial one in the post above.




I really with I could!

Since this is much more natural to me as well that the overlay does not cover the useful text. But the way it is, is the way it went out of the video recording system =\ There’s no clean output, there’s no better sound (all the mics got multiplexed onto a single track). Sorry. Such were the recording facilities we got for the workshop.


I do agree the A/V quality is not perfect, but - it’s good enough for what it is. This is a nice opportunity to (virtually) join the workshop.

The navigation links in the new description are very useful.

Thanks for putting time into this!


I was able to recover the sound a bit.

Here’s the playlist with 15 chapters of the training. Still work in progress, but decided to share now, because I am dragged away from this task by the GDC and other stuff falling on me now.


I’ve edited and uploaded the @AGulev guest programmer presentation at Defold office:

Also I assembled all the Defold talks in Russian that I was able to find to a playlist:

Also I updated some of other playlists with more content.

All suggestions, missed videos and everything else is welcome!


Really cool! Also really useful that all of the talking points have been timestamped!

I have a big secret project I’ve been working on for a while as my main project that I really want to publish on Switch… but we’ll still be releasing it on Steam first and probably on all the mobile app stores after then only push for Switch after it has proven itself in the more accessible to publish in market.

In the mean time… anyone with a cool game they want to publish on Switch that they can share please be vocal about it!!


Waiting for @Dragosha to get Switch-serious with his Hamster game.
And I know several more projects that are Steam-first, Switch-next.


The famous War Battles tutorial has part 1 eventually :wink:

Also @sicher got inspired and decided to sit down with me and record a set of new tutorials. So stay tuned and follow Defold YouTube channel.


Here’s a totally new format of Defold team dev diaries. All feedback is appreciated :wink:
Currently I want to make short episodes (like this) often. And also do longer feature videos once in a while.

Good plan? Ideas for improvement?


Not sure if you’ve discovered already a dedicated #DefoldTalks playlist. It is constantly updated with any public Defold-related posts that I find.


I really like the idea. This way we get to see what you guys have in progress early on.


for those who still don’t follow our YouTube channel:


Another video today. See what’s coming in the next Defold update in Defold dev diaries #2


@Oleg_The_Evangelist be like “To infinity and beyond” :rocket: in the thumbnail.


I just hope that me being [supposedly] funny helps you to click on the video =]


These are great! Please keep them coming :slightly_smiling_face:


Notice how the Clojure tutorial suddenly lists 5 videos now.
I’ve uploaded the Lecture 2 split into smaller parts for easier watching/tagging. Will work on the Lecture 1 now. And we’re filming the Lecture 3 on Monday.

Also if anybody is in the mood of helping with TOCs for the published Lecture 2 videos - don’t hold yourself =] Happy watching.