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New format! Something between a podcast and a tutorial.
Does it make any sense for you?

We’ve also recorded a similar video about Native Extensions, but our screen recording system got borked. So… we’ll see what I can do.

But again, do subscribe to the channel and do tell us your feedback.


We’ve shipped two first lectures of our Clojure tutorial. Take a look! @mats.gisselson starts from the basics then advances to the trickier parts.


We’re adding more content on our YouTube channel and actively improving the quality. The growing number of views and new subscribers hints that we’re doing well :wink:

Now, here’s something new we are about to try:

Currently the video is unlisted. So you are among the first viewers.

We’ve recorded a pilot of what may become Defold Developer Videoblogs. In the video above @sicher and I are talking about Defold games architecture. And on Thursday we’ll try a totally different approach. We’ll pick one of the recent tutorials and explain why is it done the way it is done.

With that, your feedback is most welcome.


Btw, which tutorial should we talk through? Suggestions are welcome.


This is nice!

I’d say the big map tutorial or something with collection proxies :wink:


I second proxies!


I skipped those old(2016-2015) Defold tutorials, thinking those could be outdated. I finished the Defold War Battles tutorial but it did not have a playlist. I had to hunt the parts lol, it does not have the video series title in the video title too… set a youtube guy in your team please haha.


ummm… War Battles playlist was among the first few I created:

Also each video has a link to the playlist in the description:

Checkout the whole tutorial playlist:

Naming-wise - fixed according to your feedback. Although I think now it is harder to get from the title, what the given chapter is about.


it’s my fault then I’m sorry, should’ve checked thoroughly. But still it’s probably because I’m so used to other youtubers series naming convention where it has the title of video(what the video is about),name of the series and numbering.
and whenever I see the videos get on recommended I could easily identify the video from a playlist that I’ve been through

you’ve fixed the title XD thank you so much for the quick feedback. Those videos are good


Folks, thanks sooo much for your feedback both here and in PMs. We react immediately. So that proof-of-concept episode will stay unlisted, and the all-new episode #1 shall appear under the #DefoldTeam playlist under a new name: Defold team explains.

We’re still evolving the format. The first video is 40 minutes. I am uncomfortable it is so long. But I was even more uncomfortable to split it in 2 parts. And even more uncomfortable to take easier topics to accommodate those in 15-20 minute episodes.

Also you’ve got a Defold newsletter to your inbox (yes, the one with a dog) with the questionary about this all. Please take 59 seconds to complete it. And to save you a click (tam-tam-taaaam), here’s a link to the survey.


If @andreas.strangequest still has access to the account you should try to get an archive of all of his long form game making videos he did before and upload to the YouTube channel.


mmmmmmm the idea itself is nice, but many things have improved so much since Andreas was streaming… That I am even not sure, if these videos are still relevant.

On another point, I’ve been figuring out Instagram TV and portrait videos. Why? The recent survey results heavily hinted that many people want more #MadeWithDefold videos. And the most reliable way of having that is, well, to just produce those.

#MadeWithDefold videos
Defold demo-reel? Obviously we do need to renew our demo-reel, but I read survey results as “can we please see what is being made with Defold”. So letsplays came to mind immediately.

I thought about a format that would highlight the game, and not the letsplayer. I thought about more channels than just YouTube. And I ended up recording several letsplays and uploading them to Defold Facebook page, Defold YouTube channel and the all-new Defold Instagram channel to test the new IGTV platform.

Be sure to subscribe to the new and currently quite…special Defold Instagram and watch the new videos there. For those anti-instagram, the #MadeWithDefold YouTube playlist is intact :wink:

I/we still don’t know if Instagram/IGTV make any sense. Any reflections or ideas on this?


If it’s possible to get them and at least put them on an unlisted YouTube playlist for archival that would be nice. He was using editor 1 at the time because editor 2 wasn’t ready yet but the processes, organization, and coding logic are still useful. I learned a bunch of tricks when I watched them which I try to share but I’ve probably forgotten a bunch too.


mmmm… I hear you, and agree. Partly :wink: I tend to adhere to do it good enough or don’t do it at all strategy. So I’d rather wait till our teammates are back from summer vacations and record some tips&tricks videos that would be relevant to the latest versions of Defold and all that… And we have a dedicated forum thread to figure out what kind of videos we do.

Meanwhile, I’ve more or less figured out the mobile letsplays pipeline and made a dedicated playlist for that. Will populate it with your games now:


Here’s the newest video about the app manifest (and brief mention of other manifests!).
All feedback and ideas for new videos are welcome!


This is great! Thanks a lot.

Can I suggest an introduction on a custom render script for the next video?


I really need to remove all those post-its on my laptop before we do more recordings. Looks silly.


We decided to explore some basic topics, so today is the video about addressing:

@gianmichele Sure! Basic or advanced? Any particular questions or guide lines for what do we show within 20-30 minute video?


@Oleg_The_Evangelist I think a basic explanation of predicates or what happens in the update loop. After that maybe some pointers on how to handle certain scenarios, like handling zoom factors or multires, or stencyls?


Aww, how sweet of you! Not silly at all.